Linux Shell Fundamentals | Udemy

Linux Shell Fundamentals | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Linux Command Line
Linux Bash Shell
Create and manage new directories and files
Getting information about hardware and software of the Linux computer
Create new users and change user passwords
Searching for files and folders using Find command
Compressing and sorting in Linux
Files and directories permissions and modification of the permissions
Creating and executing executable files
Networking in Linux
Environment variables access and creation of the new environment variables
Access of the remote Linux computer via SSH

This course is all about Linux and Linux Shell.

Understand HOW Linux works and learn mostly used core Linux features from basic commands till creation of the Linux scripts.

And all features we will use ONLY in Shell, without any GUIs.

If you want to learn how to manage users, manage and search files and directories, set correct permissions, compress and uncompress archives, verify network connectivity and connect to remote servers via SSH – this course is for you.

Become a master of the Linux Shells like Bash or Sh.

This is practical Linux course that includes tons of practical activities. The best way to learn is learn by doing. You can have zero knowledge about Linux. All will be taught from scratch, from basic to advanced features. If you want to get deep practical knowledge of Linux this course is for you!

We will start by installing Docker and creating Linux container. You are right! We will use Docker because using Docker you could create any Linux computer in a matter of seconds on any platform – MacOS, Windows or other Linux computer.

In practice sections you will perform multiple practice Linux activities:

Create new directories and files in the Shell using commands mkdir, touch and cat

Manage users using adduser, useradd and passwd commands, login under different users

Change permissions of the files and directories using chmod command

Create and execute executable scripts from the Shell

Compress and uncompress files and directories using gzip and tar utilities

Verify network settings and connectivity with remote servers using such commands as ifconfig, nslookup, ping and traceroute

Downloading files from the remote servers using curl and wget

Connection to remote servers via SSH

To summarise, you will learn following core blocks of the Linux systems:

– Linux networking

– Permissions

– Scripting

– Creation and deletion of the files and directories

– Movement and renaming of the files and directories

With this course you will get lifetime-long access to more than 50 lectures and tens of practical exercises. After the course you will become a guru of Linux Shell and will be able easily perform basic and advanced Linux operations.

You will also get 30-days money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

Don’t wait and join the course now!

Who this course is for:
Software developers
Network engineers
DevOps engineers

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