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Linux Performance Tuning – Hands On !! | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Linux Performance Tuning
Performance Monitoring Tools
Viewing Hardware Resources
Configuring Kernel Tunables
Managing Resource Limits
Proc File System
Sysfs File System
Kernel Modules

Linux system administrator, responsible for tuning and maintaining settings to support specific machine workloads.

Course Content


Performance Monitoring Tools

Monitoring Processes using ps command

Monitoring Processes using top command

Monitoring memory usage

Monitoring File System Usage

GNOME System Monitor

Practice Lab Session

Overview Sysstat Package Utilities

Lab – Iostat command

Lab – mpstat command

Lab – pidstat command

Overview SAR

Advantages of SAR

Lab – SAR

Scheduling tasks with Systemd timer

Monitoring Systems using Cockpit

Monitoring Systems using performance co-pilot

Viewing Hardware Resources

Viewing kernel messages using dmesg command

Retrieving CPU Information

Retrieving DMI Information – dmidecode

Retrieving peripheral Information

hwloc & lshw command

Configuring Kernel Tunables

Proc File System

Kernel Tunables

Modifying Kernel Tunables

Modify Kernel Tunables Using Sysctl Command

Modify Kernel Tunables Persistently

Sysfs File System

About Kernel Modules

Practice Lab Session

Overview about tuning profiles

Managing profiles from the command line

Lab Session – Tuning profile

Managing Resource Limits

Limiting System Resources with ulimit

Configuring Persistent ulimit Rules

Practice Lab Session

Setting Limits for Services

Lab – Configure the service with a cgroup

Last Lecture

Who this course is for:
A Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) who is interested in earning a Red Hat Certification of Expertise, or a Red Hat Certified Architect(RHCA).



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