Linux for Beginners 2021 | Udemy

Linux for Beginners 2021 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn Linux from scratch
What is Linux
Setting Up the Laboratory
Pieces of Linux
Linux Signs $,#,%
Desktop Environments
Linux GUI
Command Parameters
List Files – “ls” Command
Print Working Directory – “pwd” Command
Show Manuel – “man” Command
Change Directory – “cd” Command
Concatenate Files – “cat” Command
Display Output – “echo” Command
View the File with “more” Command
View the File with “less” Command
Print First Lines with “head” Command
Print Last Lines with “tail” Command
Global Regular Expression Print – “grep” Command
Output Redirection
Output Redirection : Pipe “|”
Linux File Systems
Linux File Hierarchy
File Permissions
Make Directory – “mkdir” Command
Create File & Modify Date – “touch” Command
Remove Files or Directories – “rm” Command
Copy and Move Files or Directories – “cp” & “mv” Command
Find Files and Directories – “find” Command
Cut Parts of Lines – “cut” Command
Change Ownership of a Given File – “chown” Command
Network Settings
Display Network Status – “ifconfig” Command
Leasing New IP from DHCP Server
Location of Services
User Management in Linux
Important Files – “passwd” and “shadow”
Adding a New User
Change the Group and Delete a User
Process Management
Monitoring Running Processes – “ps” and “top” Commands
Killing Processes
Package Management
Package Management Concepts
Foremost Linux Package Managers
APT Package Manager
Install From Source Code
System Monitoring
Monitoring – “df”, “top”, “vmstat”, “netstat” Commands

Who this course is for:
Anyone who want to learn Linux
Anyone who want deep dive into Linux world

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