Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User | Udemy

Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn the Linux Command Line from Scratch.
Getting Complete Understanding of Linux.
Master the fundamentals of the Linux operating system .
Learn the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy.
Master Linux Power full text editor Vim.
Manage users on a Linux system.
Get started as a Linux system administrator.

Welcome to Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User

Hi.. everyone my name is Diwakar Parihar ,I will be your instructor through out this course .Linux is the most demanding skill in 2021 and upcoming years because most of the things in which we are working is basically build upon linux at some level . linux is the most secure operating system as per the security concern .

This Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User course will going to teach you everything whatever is needed to become good at linux operating system.

Today the demand of Linux developers and Administrators are increasing and Skill like Linux will help you to gain confidence in resume.

This course Basically teaches you everything from scratch to advance level so that you can learn from basic to advance . Everything is design in a way that anyone if you are at the beginners level or at the intermediate level it will be very easy to follow along approach.

This course contains 9 Sections . Each section contains at least 3 lectures so that it will give you complete understanding of the topic.

Course Curriculum :- Linux for Beginners 2021 : Become Power User

Section 1 :- In this section you will be learning about the basic differences between the linux and unix , History of the linux , Features , Advantages and many more things…

Section 2 :- In this section we will be learning about the basics of Linux like its uses , basic commands , basic tools , Overview etc…

Section 3 :- This section is Totally dedicated to the networking work here we will be learning about the the networks , IP address , Commands , MAC addresses etc…

Section 4 :- In this section we will be learning about the Files and how to work with the Files in the Linux environment…

Section 5 :- This section will cover How to work with softwares and how to take use of softwares installing , removing , upgrading , updating , git clone etc….

Section 6 :- This section will cover about the Process management in the linux system what are the processes , how they works , what they do and how to take use of them …

Section 7 :- This section contains the environment variables which are very important to learn in the linux operating system…

Section 8 :- Here we will be learning about the logging system or in other words about the log file we are going to cover every thing in this section related to log files…

Section 9 :- Last But Not the Least we will be learning about the kernel nd its functionality which will be very interesting to learn about hthe kernel…

Who this course is for:

Anyone interested in learning Linux command line

Anyone interested in learning fundamentals of linux

Anyone interested in mastering the worlds most powerful OS

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