Linux Essentials for beginners-1 | Udemy

Linux Essentials for beginners-1 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
You will master Linux Abstraction, Architecture, Fundamental commands, Linux Filters and network commands.

Before getting into this course description, let me tell you why Linux Knowledge is required.

Linux is essential operating system in automation world, For example, ansible is one of the famous configuration management tool which supports automatic deployment and orchestration task. If you wish to learn ansible Linux commanding knowledge is must. The reason is that ansible control system server must be a Linux like operating system. Just like this there are many tools running on the top of the Linux.

Also if you wish to do bash script, Linux essential knowledge is mandatory. Because shell script is Linux command based language So to conclude- there are many use cases where we can apply our Linux knowledge.

This course covers Linux fundamentals in more practical way. It includes

Linux Fundamentals

History of Linux

Linux Architecture

Abstraction of Linux

About Shell & its types

Linux Command Structure

Linux File Structure & its File Types

Searching pattern in Files

File Manipulation Commands

Who this course is for:
This course is for students, Linux support engineers, Linux engineers and Linux beginners who want to master the Linux fundamentals.

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