Linkedin Learning – Data Ethics Watching Out for Data Misuse

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Find out how data ethics may impact data misuse, accuracy, and data models and how you can discuss these issues in a way that’s both meaningful and productive
Technology has given organizations an opportunity to work with data in interesting new ways, but now governments, citizens, and customers are taking a close look at how companies use or misuse data. If one of your customers posts harmful information, should you take it down? Can you use data to manipulate your customer’s behavior? The answers to these questions have an enormous impact on how your customer views your organization. Yet, these decisions aren’t happening in the boardroom. Instead, they’re made in much smaller meetings by people just like you. Instructor Doug Rose gives you the understanding and skills you need to discuss these issues in a way that’s both meaningful and productive. Doug begins with ethical views that you need to consider. He goes over ways data can be misused, by a company and by a customer. Then Doug goes over the responsibility to be accurate and what you can do when inaccurate materials are propagated. He concludes with an overview of data challenges. This course was created for LinkedIn Learning by Doug Rose. We are pleased to offer this training in our library.

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