Lee Cole – LinkedIn Business In a Box

Lee Cole – LinkedIn Business In a Box
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I’ve been running my own offline consultancy for the past six years. Quit my job and started it in 2010. (Since then, I’ve made more money and especially had more time freedom than ever in my adult life!)
But it’s not me I want to talk about.
I want to introduce you to a remarkable friend and colleague of mine, Gloria Gunn!
Gloria is a serial entrepreneur. She was one of my first customers back in the day when I started teaching others how to do offline marketing. She’s run her own offline agency and now owns a small software start up with another friend of mine, Mike Jones.
The other day, I was skyping with Gloria, and she told me an amazing story.
Let me share it with you!

How Gloria Creates Money On Demand!

Gloria started out selling SEO (search engine optimization). But, with all the Penguin and Panda updates a few years back, she saw her SEO business take a nose dive.

Gloria had to make money though! At the time, she was getting most of her clients for her SEO business from LinkedIn.

One day Gloria sat down in front of her computer and started reading the profiles of a lot of her LinkedIn connections.

LinkedIn worked great for her, but it didn’t (and doesn’t) work that well for most people.

She realized why. Virtually all of the profiles she saw were written very poorly.

I’m not talking about grammar or spelling.

I’m talking about from a selling point of view.

They weren’t keyword optimized correctly so they would never get found with LinkedIn search.

They were dry and boring.

They read more like a resume. And, we all know how boring it is to read a resume, right?

They had no call to action.

And, they had a host of other problems.

Gloria is a very smart and established online entrepreneur. One who, quite frankly, needed a lot of money fast!

She decided right then and there to see if she could sell her own LinkedIn expertise with no cold calling, no direct mail, no cold email.

She decided to see if she could use LinkedIn’s own internal search and messaging system to get clients for a profile writing service. Guess what? Boy oh boy did it ever work!

Well, within only two weeks (all while working on this very part time), she was selling about three profile makeovers per week to new clients. Since she was charging $400 per profile, within only two weeks, she was making about $1,200 a week. That right there is $57,600 dollars per year!

(Best of all, Gloria’s NOT a professional writer! More about this later. But DO NOT think you need to be a professional business writer for this kind of thing to work very well for you!)

It gets better!

Within only two months, Gloria was selling close to one profile a day. $400 per day just for part time work! That’s over six-figures per year!
I asked Gloria to show me exactly how she was doing this. And, thankfully, she’s a very good friend of mine, because she did.

Gloria’s “Secret” LinkedIn, Money-On-Demand System Revealed! (Anyone Can Do This!)
Let me share a few things with you before I show you Gloria’s exact system.
First off, let’s talk about how big LinkedIn really is!
According to Statista, there are over 400 million LinkedIn users worldwide. That’s close to half a billion! That’s 1/14th of the entire world population.
Here’s a screen shot from Statista to back up that claim!
current linkedin users
Quick question! Do you think you’ll ever run out of clients for a LinkedIn profile makeover service?
Answer: NEVER!
Furthermore, there is plenty for all of us!
So, let’s get down into the nitty gritty of how this is done.
(Take notes! This is really, really difficult to do! NOT! )
Here’s exactly what Gloria does to make $400 per day, day in day out!
She uses LinkedIn’s own search feature and finds profiles that need rewriting. Takes only 30 minutes a day to do this!
Next, she connects with these people using LinkedIn’s internal messaging system.
After her connection request is accepted, she sends them a short email telling them what she does. (Plenty of people message her back!)
Finally, she uses her own, proven “no stress” closing technique to close the sale and collect another $400!
So Simple!
So simple in fact, that I bet you don’t believe it is this easy. Or that LinkedIn would even allow this.
Let me dispel a few myths about LinkedIn.
You can’t connect with people you don’t know!

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