Learning Python GUI Programming

Learning Python GUI Programming
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Learn how to create effective graphical user interfaces (GUIs) with minimal code using Python. Burkhard Meier starts by showing how to create a GUI form, add widgets, manage the resulting layout, and customize the look and feel of the interface. Then, he takes you through working with data, classes, and making charts using the 2D Python plotting library, Matplotbil. Next, he discusses how threading and networking impact the performance of your code. Later in the course, he advances on to working with databases, testing application GUIs, extending a GUI using the wxPython library, and creating 3D GUIs by using PyOpenGL and Pyglet. As you follow along with Burkhard throughout this course, you will develop an entire application’s GUI.

Topics include:

Creating buttons and widgets
Adding labels and features
Expanding a GUI dynamically
Aligning frames and embedding frames
Creating menu bars, message boxes, and tooltips
Using module-level global variables
Coding in classes
Using Matplotlib to create charts
Working with multiple threads, queues, and TCP/IP
Using URLOpen to read data from websites
Localizing a GUI and preparing for internationalization
Testing a GUI using unit tests and Eclipse PyDev IDE
Using the wxPython library
Using Tkinter, PyOpenGL, and Pyglet

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