Learn to create Laravel packages – Laravel Package Training

Learn to create Laravel packages – Laravel Package Training
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Become the next maestro! With more than 200 packages with more than 75 million downloads, Spatie knows what they’re talking about. Immerse yourself in the thoughts of people who have brought you quality packages such as laravel-permission, laravel-backup, browsershot, laravel-medialibrary and learn how to program, test and maintain your own packages.

What you’ll learn:

Creating a PHP-free framework
Basic structure, testing, GitHub, Packagist,…
Build a Laravel package
Create a real Laravel package from scratch
Original Spatie packages
Get a tour of real-life examples
4 hours of content

For all the functionality added to the package, you’ll learn how to automatically test it both locally and through GitHub action. In this way, you can create a beautiful and serviceable package that your colleagues, customers and community can rely on.

Creating a PHP-free framework

Using spatie PHP package to start creating an independent package
Adding first class to the package
Testing the package using PHPUnit
Automatically fix code style issues locally
Running GitHub activity tests
Fixing code style issues with GitHub
Use Psalm to analyze and identify problems with your code
Create Xdebug code coverage reports
Multi-version support for PHP
Using semantic version control
Keeping a change log
Register a package on Packagist
Publication of new release on GitHub
Taking care of community contributions
Create a Laravel package

Using the skeleton of the Spatie Laravel package to start creating a special Laravel package
Adding a configuration file to the package
Adding an artisan team
Adding models and migrations to the package and how to automatically test them
Add routes, controllers, and views so that they don’t conflict with the app’s routes.
Running Laravel test tests on GitHub Actions
Using MyS’L in GitHub package tests and activities
Testing artisan teams using PHPUnit and Orchestra Testbench
Testing routes, controllers and views
Support for multiple versions of your package’s PHP and Laravel
Develop a Laravel package inside a full-fledged Laravel app
A stunning 90-minute live programming video where we combine the knowledge of the entire course to create a real package from scratch.

By moving shared functions into packages, the codebase of your apps can become smaller and more serviceable.

Packages can have their own set of tests. When an error is discovered, you can easily spread the fix in your apps by simply running a composer update.

There are also commercial advantages. With open source packages, you as a developer and your company become much more visible in the community, which can lead to interesting opportunities.

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