Learn how to build a game using XState & React | Pixel Thief

Learn how to build a game using XState & React | Pixel Thief
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Greeting apprentice! I am Grand Wizard Brad Woods, your teacher. 11 years ago I started my quest as a school teacher. I began developing apps to change my students’ perspectives of learning. I since have changed paths to become a computational designer, but still dedicated to change how people learn.
In the year of our lord 2017, after journeying through countless libraries in distant lands, I discovered a tome that described the use of finite-state machines for User Interface state management. A far more powerful approach than any other conjurings. The tome spoke of a secret library called XState, that housed the knowledge to invoke this power. Since then I have traveled the lands, presenting ideas about XState at Atlascamp – Vienna, written articles for CSS-tricks, LogRocket & created XState guide.

Course Chapters

Install tools
What we are learning
What we are making
Initialize project using Create React App
Add dependencies
Add storybook
Add assets
Add global styles
Add theme
Small Components
Add button
Add heading
Add menu screen
Add image
Add level background image
Add health
Add grid
Add levels to game machine
Add level placeholders to game component
Add fast-forward events
Replace level placeholders
Game Machine
Add game machine
Add game component with placeholders
Replace game component placeholders
Menu Screens
Add home screen
Add game over screen
Add game complete screen
Player Machine
Add player machine
Add player actor
Add player coords
Add player controls hook
Add player movement
Add walking through door – level1
Add walking through door – level2
Add treasure
Add player health
Monster Machine
Add monster machine
Add monster movement
Forward player moved event to monster
Store player coords in monster
Add attack to monster
Add attack to player
Add die to player
Add screen transition
Connect game component to app

Who is this Course for?
A tower

This course is designed for front-end developers of any level, from apprentice to master, who are interested in XState & finite-state machines. Your quest will take you through the fundamentals & then into more advanced topics such as the actor model.
Secondary to XState, you will be taken through building an app using the tech-stack documented above. You will receive instruction of the highest order of teaching practices, developed by the school of mages & scholars. Care has been taken to ensure no step is skipped over & everything is explained in full.



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