Learn DART Programming Language By Creating A Web App

Learn DART Programming Language By Creating A Web App
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Note: The lessons in this course are meant to be taken in an order, as each lesson builds up on knowledge, and may mention some important ideas/concepts not explicitly mentioned in the lecture title. Skipping lessons may make it seem that certain pieces of code are not explained.

The goal of this course is to teach you the DART programming language. While a lot of other courses teach students the concepts of programming through the use of the console, I figured that learning would be more immersive, fun, and effective, if we created a small app. I also didn’t want to complicate the understanding of DART by making you learn a major framework like Angular. There are other courses that will teach you the major frameworks.

My approach to teaching is top-down. I first want you to understand how the broad structure looks like , without going into any great detail about any specific concept. Then we will slowly get into the details about each concept, and the implementation details. I don’t want you getting confused by the implementation details at the beginning. Instead, I want you to appreciate the overall structure/system first, before we fill in the details.

Please check the curriculum (below) for details on what is covered in the course.

Who this course is for:
Beginners to Object Oriented Programming and/or Dart
Students that prefer a top-down approach to learning (big picture, then fill in the details)
Students that prefer to learn the Dart programming language while making an app, without having to worry about learning a major framework

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