Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From Zero to Hero | Udemy

Learn Arduino in this 30 Days Challenge: From Zero to Hero | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Start to programming Arduino
Discover things that will help you to excel in Arduino programming
Simulate Arduino Boards UNO, Mega, nano and others in Windows Environment
Write codes and test them without having an Arduino Board
Choose the right board that fulfills your needs
What is the main difference between each of the boards and why one is better than the other
Make your own Arduino Board
Bootload Your Arduino
Know what is the actual brain of an Arduino
Link Arduino with Raspberry Pi
Protect Your Raspberry Pi using Arduino as Interface between Raspberry and heavy devices
Make your own Web Controlled System using Arduino
Learn Working Principle of Ethernet Shield and web control
Interface Ethernet Shield with Arduino
Control Arduino from Your own Mobile Phone
Make a Home Automation System using Bluetooth
Build your own Radar Using UltraSonic
Build your own Weather Station
Know Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Make your own Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino
Learn Working Principle of Irrigation systems and Soil Moisture Sensors
Interface Soil Moisture Sensors with Arduino
Interface Real Time Clock Module with Arduino
Learn Working Principle of Wireless Power Transmission

A course that will challenge you to finish the learning journey in 30 Days and become a professional Arduino Programmer.

For some, making things is second nature. However, for the more introverted among us, this motivation to make can be difficult to come by. Arduino makes it easy to get started with simple tools like an Arduino starter kit. As the computer revolutionized the world of electronics, robotics, and cyber security, it is no surprise that Arduino boards are quickly becoming an integral part of the maker world. This single-board micro-controller has made it possible for any person to take their ideas from concept to prototype without knowing anything about electronics or coding. The possibilities only seem to be limited by your imagination.

So, ARE YOU READY? To learn the basics of Arduino programming quickly with this Challenge! Teach you how to create Arduino sketches for real-world projects. Outlines the hardware that’s needed, and shows you how to use it. Provides lessons for wiring your circuits, coding your sketches, and more. Shows you how to write your own library.

Arduino Programming Courses online contains lots of unnecessary information that will surely distract beginners and make them feel odd when they first come to the Arduino World. but this is not the case with this challenge.

Why you should take this course?

You will learn Arduino in a Step By Step Manner

It will challenge you to finish the learning journey in 30 Days and become a professional Arduino Programmer

You will be able to do practical Projects

Learn skills like basic engineering, programming, electronics, and IoT

It is an online course with videos and downloadable information

You will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles behind Arduino

What you will learn by day!

Day 1 +2 Simulate Arduino Boards and Test Your Code +Start Testing

Day 3+4 Arduino vs PIC microcontrollers vs Raspberry Pi

Day 5+6 Make Your Own Arduino Board at Home

Day 7+8 Connect and Interface Raspberry Pi with Arduino

Day 9+10 Arduino Web Control: Step By Step Guide

Day 11+12 Arduino Bluetooth

Day 13+14 Arduino Radar

Day 15+16 Arduino + Processing Code Version

Day 17+18 Practical Assembly

Day 19+20 Arduino Motion Detector: Step By Step Guide

Day 21 +22 Arduino Weather Station

Day 23 +24 Automatic Irrigation System with Arduino

Day 25 +26 Arduino Alarm Clock Using a Real-Time Clock and LCD Screen

Day 27 +28 Arduino Wireless Power Transmission

Day 29 +30 Arduino Multicolor RGB LED Lamp Controlled Using Bluetooth

Who this course is for:
Anyone with slight interest in making great things
Anyone looking to learn Arduino but don’t want to buy the boards
Hardware developers
Anyone starting their journey in Microcontrollers
Anyone Interested in Learning New Things about Arduino
Anyone Interested in Knowing how Arduino board actually works
Anyone Interested in Knowing what each component inside Arduino Board does
Anyone Interested in Learning How to protect Raspberry Pi using Arduino
Anyone Interested in Learning Arduino Web Control



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