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Laravel: PHPUnit Testing for Beginners | Laravel Daily
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Automated testing is a crucial part of any long-term IT project. But often developers don’t have time for that – budgets and deadlines are tight, and clients want to launch features quickly.

As a result, a lot of developers never start actually testing, because they don’t have projects with time/budget to afford this “luxury”. Also it seems that PHPUnit and “100% Test Coverage” are really complicated.

In reality, automated testing is pretty simple – and I will prove it to you in this course.
To start testing simple functionality, it’s enough to invest a few hours and you will adapt the mindset, with basic examples.

Throughout this course, we will create a mini-application for Products CRUD, and with every page I will show you different details of automated testing:

– Testing that some text is on the page
– Testing that some data is correctly added/updated/deleted
– Testing that correct validation was actually fired
– Testing that only authenticated users access the data
– etc.

Finally, in the last lesson I will show you a TDD approach to write tests, with test written before the actual application.

So, let’s dive in?

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