Laracasts – Dig into Laravel

Laracasts - Dig into Laravel

Title: Laracasts – Dig into Laravel
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Series – Laravel From Scratch
So you’re brand new to this whole MVC framework thing. That’s okay; we’ve all been there! This series was tailor-made for you, and will get you up to speed in no time. Follow along, step by step!

Series – Digging In
So you’re at the initial stage, where you’ve toyed with Laravel, but haven’t quite dug in yet? Great! Let’s build a little app together.

Series – Billing With Stripe
At some point or another, every web developer will find himself in the position of needing to accept financial data. This isn’t to be taken lightly. What if, instead, we could offload the handling of credit card data to a third party service?


Laravel Setup for Newbs
From Zero to Deploy
Atom Feeds Decoded
Easy Environments
Many to Many Relationships
Easy Asset Management
The IoC Container
Where Do I Put This?
Understanding REST
RESTful Forms
Repositories Simplified
Incremental Validation
Vim + Laravel
Auth Essentials
Ironclad Queues

TDD by Example
Namespacing Primer
Crons and Commands
Get to Work
You Must Use Composer
Flash Messages
Route Model Binding
Caching Essentials
Event-Driven Code
Git Workflow
Polymorphic Huh?
Iterate Anything
Testing Crash-Course
Search Essentials
When to Interface
Model Events
Just Use Ctags
The Remote Component
Mock That Thang
Facades Decoded
Vagrant Simplified
Avoid Implicit Routing
Vagrant and Laravel
Form Model Binding
Intended Redirections
Mass Assignment

Password Resets
Controller Cleanup
DI Containers
Commands 101
Commands 201
Acceptance Testing
When to App :: make ()
Reports and Graphs
View Presenters
Save Time With Bower
The N +1 Problem
Create / Edit Forms
Fun With Dates
Soft Deletions
Lets Talk Exceptions
Advanced Selections
Bash Bootstraps
The Log File
Active States
Foreign Constraints
Password Resets in 4.1
Package Development
Fortrabbit Configuration

Tinkering With Boris
Migrations Decoded
Seeds and Fakes
Hands-On: Payments
Custom Facades
CSRF Explained
Better Error Tracking
Basic Auth in 4 Minutes
Discussing Transports
Upgrade to Laravel 4.1
Make PHPStorm Pretty
Handle HTML Meta Tags
Leverage Events
Laravel and Angular
Coding With Intent
Crazy Simple Pagination
Wildcard Subdomains
Email Notifications
File Uploads 101
Vagrant and Sequel Pro
Image Manipulation
Zero to PostgreSQL

The Laravel Community
Favorite this: Part 1
Favorite this: Part 2
Easy HTTP Requests
Refactoring Fun
Testing HTTP Requests
Test DBs in Memory
Logs, Queries, Timelines

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