Kotlin Essential Training: Functions, Collections, and I/O | LinkedIn

Kotlin Essential Training: Functions, Collections, and I/O | LinkedIn
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If you’re looking to get up and running with Kotlin, the powerful programming language from JetBrains, this course gives you the tools you need to start writing command-line programs in a matter of hours. Join instructor Nate Ebel, the author of Mastering Kotlin, as he shows you the ins and out of Kotlin and walks you through its unique selling points for developers—from null safety and concise syntax to Java compatibility, to full support by Google for Android development.

Get a comprehensive overview of writing code in Kotlin, including the basics of data types, variables, statements, expressions, functions, and classes. Learn how to use the essential features of this powerful, interoperable language as well as effectively debug your code. Along the way, Nate gives you expert pointers on how to write safe and efficient multithreaded code using Kotlin coroutines to manage multiple tasks at the same time.



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