Khawar Butt CCIE DC

Khawar Butt CCIE DC
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1. Cisco Nexus 7K,5K & 2K:
Configuring 5K & 7K Switching Capabilities
Introduction to the Nexus OS
Trunking and VLANS
Remote Management
Configuring STP
Configuring Rapid STP on the Nexus Switches
Optimizing Rapid STP on the Nexus Switches
Configuring MST
Configuring Virtualization
Creating VDC
Creating VPC
Configuring Routing Protocols
Static Routes
Multicast Routing Protocols
Configuring Advanced Technologies
Configuring FEX
Configuring FEX with VPC
OTV – Unicast Based
OTV – Multicast Based
2. Storage Networking:
Overview of the Storage Network
Port Types (F,FL,E,TE,N,NP)
Switch Types (NPV,NPIV)
Configuring the Nexus Switches for Storage
Configuring 5K Switches for Storage
Configuring FCOE
Configuring NPV/NPIV
Configuring a Storage VDC on a 7K
Configuring the MDS Switch
Configuring the MDS Switch to communicate to the storage devices
Configuring the MDS Switch for FCIP Trunking
Configuring the MDS Switch for FC Trunking
Configuring Etherchanneling on FC Ports
Configuring Virtual Fibre Channels (VFC)
Configuring VFC Port Trunking
Configuring NPV Traffic Maps
Configuring server ports to communicate over FCOE Links
Configuring server ports to communicate over FEX/FCOE Links
3. UCS
Overview of the UCS Server
UCS Ports
Communication of UCS to the Fiber Interconnect (FI)
Initializing the FI Switches
Configuring the Basic Configuration to boot the UCS Server
Configuring Port Types
Configuring VLANS
Configuring VNIC Templates
Configuring Port-Channels
Configuring Mac Address Pools
Configuring IP Address Pools
Configuring UUID-Pool
Configuring VSANS
Configuring WWXN Pools
Configuring Policies to Boot the UCS Server
Configuring LAN Connectivity Policy
Configuring SAN Connectivity Policy
Configuring a FCOE Boot Policy
4. Cisco Nexus 9000 Concepts and Technologies:
Cisco ACI Architecture Design Principles
Central Point of Management but no Centralized Control Plane
Controller Availability
Zero Touch Provisioning
What is an Integrated Overlay
Routed Design with VxLAN Overlays
Leaf-and-Spine Design
Access Layer
VLANs and VxLANs Namespaces
Concept of Domain
Policy-based Configuration of Access Ports
Virtual PortChannels
Tenant Considerations
Bridge Domain
Endpoint Connectivity
Connecting a Physical Server
Connecting a Virtual Server
EPG, Contracts and Filters
External Connectivity
Inter-Site / Inter-Pod

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