Kenrick Cleveland – Meta Model – Rare Persuasion Secrets from The MaxP Vault

Kenrick Cleveland – Meta Model – Rare Persuasion Secrets from The MaxP Vault
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In a large zip lock bag is.
1,000 different puzzle pieces.
And since you are missing the box cover…
…you have zero idea what picture
you are trying to assemble.
You begin by… dumping all the pieces
on the floor and matching up what you can.
…looking for patterns… testing if pieces
interlock together.
Not an easy task!

Well, that is exactly how most people
go about trying to influence and persuade
others during a conversation.

And with every new person they converse
with. it’s like picking up a bag of puzzle
pieces and starting from scratch…

Because everybody has a different map of
reality.based on their own personal
experiences, beliefs and values.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you had a tool-set that told you
exactly which piece you needed to find next.

…so you could easily construct anyone’s
map of reality on the fly…

Do you think you would be able to
persuade and influence more powerfully?

Of course you would!

And that is exactly what you will discover
when you pick-up Secrets From The Vault…

The Rosette Stone for being able to decipher
any conversation so you know exactly what
puzzle piece needs to be put together next.

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