Kelby Training RC Concepcion: Photoshop CS6 Bridge

Kelby Training RC Concepcion: Photoshop CS6 Bridge
[box style=”info”]Title: Kelby Training RC Concepcion: Photoshop CS6 Bridge
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Bridge CS6 is a powerful program that’s installed alongside many Adobe Creative Suite programs. This program serves as the file monitor and home base for many different types of programs. RC Concepcion goes over how easy it is to find, open, and organize yourself in Bridge CS6.

# Introduction (1:07)
# Navigating the Interface Bridge (04:21)
# Viewing Images in Bridge (5:27)
# Sorting and Organizing Your Files (6:50)
# Importing Media and Making Folders (5:00)
# Navigating Through Folders and the Address Bar (06:25)
# Creating Collections (4:15)
# Keywording Your Media (3:55)
# Metadata for your Files (5:24)
# CS6 Bridge, Camera Raw, and Photoshop (05:36)
# PDF Output in Bridge CS6 (5:37)
# Output in HTML Bridge CS6 (4:36)
# Using Mini Bridge in Photoshop CS6 (02:04)
# Conclusion (00:26)

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