Kelby Training – Concert Photography

Kelby Training – Concert Photography
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There are many challenges to shooting concerts. Photographers have to deal with variable lighting conditions, moving subjects, tight spaces, and a limited time to get the shots they need. Concert photographers Scott Diussa and Alan Hess share some of what they have learned during their years of experience. They talk about their choices for camera gear, their shooting styles, how to anticipate shots, how to get a photo pass and signing releases, working around obstructions, lighting considerations, and the importance of shooting in spot-metering mode. The bad news is that it’s tough to make a living as a concert photographer, but both of these instructors agree, it is a very rewarding hobby as a photographer.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Introduction and Solo Acoustic Artist 05:38
Lesson 2: Cameras and Lenses 08:15
Lesson 3: Solo Acoustic Artist, Part 2 07:18
Lesson 4: Camera Settings 07:14
Lesson 5: Photo Pit Etiquette 11:32
Lesson 6: The 3 Song Rule 03:07
Lesson 7: Celtic Rock Band 17:11
Lesson 8: What to Pack in Your Gear Bag 08:43
Lesson 9: Acoustic Duo, Part 1 07:34
Lesson 10: Packing Cameras and Lenses 07:58
Lesson 11: Acoustic Duo, Part 2 09:05
Lesson 12: Photo Passes 05:09
Lesson 13: Metal Band, Part 1 03:02
Lesson 14: Shooting Styles 02:53
Lesson 15: Metal Band, Part 2 14:58
Lesson 16: Making a Living 03:26

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