JW Learning-Beginner Colour -Color Theory series 1-5

JW Learning-Beginner Colour -Color Theory series 1-5
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In this Beginner Colour Theory lesson we’ll be tackling one of the areas of colour theory that is often misunderstood and that is Colour Temperature. Colour Temperature is a little bit of a nuanced area of colour and is often mixed up with the Hue Scale. Whilst there is overlap between the two, Colour Temperature is more about how we perceive colours and whether they feel warm and cool, and whether they are warm and cool in relation to other colours around it. In this lesson we will have a lecture followed by two Demonstrations under different lighting conditions – one under warm light, another under cool light. At the end there will be an assignment for you to complete.

If you’re painting traditionally you will need a set of warm primary colours, and a set of cool primary colours, as well as white and a darker value colour, either Black or something like Burnt Umber. A list of paints is provided in the resource section along with the reference images. If you are working digitally I highly recommend Realistic Paint Studio as this simulates real world painting very well.

Expanded Colour Options:
Titanium White
Lemon Yellow
Viridian Green
Pthalo Blue
Ultramarine Blue
Quinacridone Red
Cadmium Yellow
Burnt Umber

Software Used:
Realistic Paint Studio

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