John Pilger – In the Name of Justice (2007)

John Pilger – In the Name of Justice (2007)
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‘In The Name Of Justice’ features 12 of John Pilger’s documentaries.To know more about each documentary click on the image. Pilger has twice won Britain’s Journalist of the Year Award. His documentaries, screened internationally, have gained awards in Britain and worldwide. The journalist has also received several honorary doctorates.

The Mexicans
Street of Joy
Pyramid Lake is Dying
A Faraway Country
Do You Remember Vietnam?
Vietnam: The Last Battle
The Truth Game
Japan Behind The Mask
Apartheid Did Not Die
The Last Dream: Heroes Unsung
The Last Dream: Secrets
The Last Dream: Other People’s Wars

Review 1

I have only watched ‘The Mexicans’ – ‘Street of Joy’ and ‘The truth game’, but I’m hooked already! I was amazed at the truth game – I had no idea how bad things got. Most of the subjects are about issues that were around before I was born (or soon after), but the docs seem to have a timeless dimention to them. The concepts, the government deceptions and the secrets are sadly still with us today. In recent times we have seen quite a few people making shocking docs exposing the evils in this world – but it is sad to see that nothing seems to happen. The ruling elite still keep on ruling and the herd still keep on getting decieved – or just don’t care.
Alex Jones has made some good docs, and are quite popular – but in 30 years time, will things still carry on the same? (I hope not!). So the value of these docs are in question, but I’m glad they are there to educate those that are awake. It seems that those who most need to watch these docs probably won’t (i.e. military, gov officials, general public etc.).
I like the suggestions of making them compulsory school watching. With home school I guess that will be possible 🙂

I was so impressed with the documentaries so far that I ordered three copies of ‘Documentaries that changed the world’ for my family members and myself… I’m looking forward to seeing more recent stuff. I also ordered some of his books…
As for humour – I think he is pretty funny in places. I mean – in ‘street of joy’ he compares the marketing techniques of pre-moist toilet paper and presidents. He also has a sharp tongue in places, and rightly so. He has a sort of dry sense of humour, but I appreciate that. A fan already!

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