Jin W. Choi – Step-By-Step Business Math and Statistics (3rd Edition)

Jin W. Choi – Step-By-Step Business Math and Statistics (3rd Edition)
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Step-by-Step Business Math and Statistics is written to help those who need a quick refresher on mathematics and statistics as the foundation of a rigorous MBA program. This book fills the gap left by many textbooks that are often dedicated to either mathematics or statistics, but not both. It also serves as both a textbook that describes basic concepts and a workbook that shows plenty of examples and exercise problems. This book covers only the most fundamental topics in business mathematics and statistics and truly lays down the basic concepts step by step.

Step-by-Step Business Math and Statistics covers the essentials of mathematics and statistics, including:
* Algebra Review
* Calculus Review
* Optimization Methods
* Applications to Economics
* Data Collection Methods
* Probability Theory
* Sampling Distributions
* Multiple Regression Analysis

Part 1: Business Mathematics
1 Algebra Review
2 Calculus Review
3 Optimization Methods
4 Applications to Economics
Part 2: Statistics
1 Introduction
2 Data Collection Methods
3 Data Presentation Methods
4 Statistical Descriptive Measures
5 Probability Theory
6 Descrete Probability Distribution
7 TheNormal Probability Distribution
8 The t-Probability Distribution
9 Sampling Distributions
10 Confidence Interval Construction
11 One-Sample Hypothesis Testing
12 Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing
13 Simple Regression Analysis
14 Multiple Regression Analysis
15 The Chi-Square Test
Appendix: Statistical Tables

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