Jenkins Pipeline tutorial for Beginners with 100+ examples | Udemy

Jenkins Pipeline tutorial for Beginners with 100+ examples | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
After this course, you can able to write Pipeline script from Beginner level to Advance level
From pipeline script, If particular user (Lead or Manager) triggers the job then only job has to execute
With Pipeline script how to integrate with GIT and SVN, how to commit, merge, Tag.
With Pipeline script, how to integrate with JIRA, Create tickets on build failures, close the ticket if build success
With pipeline how we can run jobs Parallel, Options section, Parameters, When, Bat, POST etc
With Pipeline how build will wait to get approve from specific user, Example My Sonar % is not upto the mark, so to proceed get approval from Lead
We’ll see how we can run stages based on the commit messages,like if i pass specific keyword in the commit message then only the build has to start
With Pipeline script how to execute Bat and Shell commands

Jenkins Pipeline script or Pipeline as a code is a feature to write our build’s CI and CD process with the help of a code

In this course we’ll see the examples for following topics.


Create Ticket if build failed

Close the Ticket


and more …..

2. How to execute bat commands and shell commands .

3. Execute Stage based on the commit message/committed files.

4. Pause the build and Wait for the approval from specific user.

5. Commit code to GIT if build success

6. How to work with SVN.

7. Parameters, Variables, Options, etc.

8. Pause job to read input from user.

9. Multiple examples on POST.

Who this course is for:
If you’ve knowledge on Jenkins, and planning to write Pipeline Script, then this course is for you

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