JavaScript: The Hard Parts on Object-Oriented Programming | Frontend Master

JavaScript: The Hard Parts on Object-Oriented Programming | Frontend Master
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By coding along with us in the Workshop, you’ll:

Understand how the “new” and “class”, “extends”, and “super” keywords work under-the-hood to enable you to implement the object-oriented paradigm with classes and subclasses in JavaScript
Understand the “this” keyword, its different roles and the “call”, “bind”, and “apply” methods to allow us manual control over our “this” assignment.
Build intuitions on the core OOP concepts including inheritance and encapsulation to be able to design and structure mature maintainable JavaScript applications following an object-oriented approach.
Understand the prototype chain, “.__proto__”, “.prototype”, and methods like “setPrototypeOf” and “Object.create” to get fine-grained control over your OOP design.
Understand ES6 arrow functions, their lexically scoped “this” assignment and how we can use them to avoid our “this” keyword referring to the wrong object.
Learn to implement subclassing with factory functions and in a pseudo-classical style with the “new” keyword to allow us to design dominant maintainable pseudo-inheritance patterns.

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