JavaScript Programming | Udemy

JavaScript Programming | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Complete knowledge of JavaScript programming
Prepare for Web Developer interviews with free JavaScript Interview Q&A booklet
Learn how to write code in JavaScript with free JavaScript reasoning problems & solutions booklet
Overview of JavaScript, Advantages of JS, Difference between Java and JavaScript
Outputting Text, Display Properties, History and Location Objects
Statements, Keywords, Variables, Data Types, Comments
Variable Hosting, Casting, Operators, Built-in Constants, Objects
Strings and Numbers
Dates and Dialog Boxes
Comparison Operators, Built-in Functions, Looping
Arrays and Types of Arrays, Array manipulation
Event Handlers
Incorporating JavaScript into HTML Pages
Shallow Cloning, Iterate to get Keys, Object Properties
Attributes, Hiding Scripts, Command Blocks, HTML Layout
Mathematical & Bitwise Operators, Constructors, Declarations
Function and Function Scoping
Recursive Function, Functional JavaScript, Prototypes and Objects, Classes in JS
Getters and Setters, Namespacing, Context this, Events, Inheritance
Method Chaining, Callbacks, Intervals & Timeouts, Regular Expressions
Cookies, Web Storage, Data Attributes, JSON, Timestamps
AJAX, Enumerations, Map, Unary Operators
Generators, Iteration, Promises, Error Handling with Promises
Sets, Modals, Prompts, execCommand, contenteditable, History, Navigator Object, BOM
Event Loop, Strict Mode, Custom Elements, Data Manipulation, Template Literals
Fetch, Scope, Modules
Screen, Variable Coercion, Destructuring Assignment, Web Sockets, Arrow Function
Creational Design Patterns, Detecting Browser & Symbols, Transpiling, ASI
Localization, IndexedDB, Proxy, Weak Set, Weak Map
Escape Sequences, Server-sent Events, Async Functions, Iterators
Tail Call Optimization, File API, Blobs, FileReaders, Web Cryptography API
Security Issues, Error Handling, Debugging, Memory Efficiency, Reserved Keywords

Who this course is for:
Web Developers & Designers
Software Developers
Application Programmers
Full Stack Developers and Front End Developers
Newbies and Beginners aspiring for a career in Web Development
Anyone who wants to create Websites
Website Owners
Anyone who wishers to proceed on MEAN & MERN web developer career tracks
Advanced JavaScript Programmers
HTML5 Developers
UI/UX Designers




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