JavaScript 24 Hours Trainer (DVD) By Jeremy McPeak

JavaScript 24 Hours Trainer (DVD) By Jeremy McPeak
[box style=”info”] TITLE : Javascript 24-Hours Trainer (DVD) By Jeremy McPeak

English | MOV | 800 x 600 | AVC 234Kbps | AAC 64.0Kbps | ISO | 609 MB
Genre: Video Training[/box]

On the DVD
Don’t just learn do!
The lessons within the book are each accompanied by an instructional demonstration on the DVD over 4 hours of video tutorials!

You’ll learn to:

Add javascript to a web page
Create javascript animations
Execute code based on conditions
Repeat code with loops
Use object oriented programming with javascript
Access and alter styles
Dynamically create new HTML elements
Navigate the document object model
Enable drag and drop in the browser
Handle errors and debug with Firebug

Lesson Titles

Lesson 1: Adding javascript to a Web Page
Lesson 2: Variables and javascript Syntax
Lesson 3: Functions
Lesson 4: Making Decisions
Lesson 5: Loops
Lesson 6: Scope
Lesson 7: Objects and Built-In Types
Lesson 8: Custom Objects
Lesson 9: Prototypes and Inheritance (The Function Object)
Lesson 10: The window Object
Lesson 11: Scripting Windows
Lesson 12: Scripting Frames
Lesson 13: The Document Object Model
Lesson 14: Adding HTML with javascript
Lesson 15: Modifying Element Style
Lesson 17: Assigning Event Handlers with HTML Attributes
Lesson 18: Using Early DOM Event Handlers
Lesson 19: Using Standard DOM and IE Event Handlers
Lesson 20: Writing Cross-Browser Event Handlers
Lesson 21: The Standard Event Object
Lesson 22: Internet Explorer’s Event Object
Lesson 23: Writing Cross-Browser Event Code
Lesson 24: Dragging and Dropping
Lesson 25: Timers and Animating Elements
Lesson 26: Forms & A Primer
Lesson 27: Scripting Buttons
Lesson 28: Scripting Text Elements
Lesson 29: Scripting Selection Boxes
Lesson 30: Scripting Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
Lesson 31: An Introduction to Ajax
Lesson 32: Using XMLHttpRequest Objects
Lesson 33: Making Ajax Requests Using GET
Lesson 34: Making Ajax Requests Using POST
Lesson 35: JSON
Lesson 36: Common Coding Mistakes
Lesson 37: Handling Errors
Lesson 38: Debugging With Firebug
Lesson 40: Separating javascript and HTML
Lesson 42: Avoiding Global Scope
Lesson 43: Optimizing Your Code

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