Java 8: A Practical approach | Udemy

Java 8: A Practical approach | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Java 8 advanced features concepts
Lambda, Functional Interface, Stream APIs, New Date time API and many more
Complete understanding of new features with code.
You will be able to upgrade your Java knowledge with the new advanced features
Complete understanding of Lambdas, Optional with practical code.

This course is intended to learn the features of Java 8 with the live coding. This will cover all the concepts with the practical approach. This is completely based on the writing code way of learning. You are about to feel like a class room learning .

Why Java 8:

This course will help the Java developers to build their knowledge on the new Java 8 features.

All the new features such as Lambdas, Streams , Optionals, Functional Interfaces and Parallel Programming will be explained with live coding.

This course will give you the confidence on implementing new Java 8 features in real Java projects.

By the end of this course you will have a complete understanding of new Java 8 functional features.

This course is touching below features along with some minor.

1. Lambda Expressions
2. Functional Interfaces
3. Default methods in Interface
4. Static Methods in Interfaces.
5. Predicate
6. Function
7. Consumer
8. Supplier
9. Method Reference & Constructor Reference by Double Colon(::) Operator.
10. Stream API
11. Date & Time API ( Joda API)

This course is a concise, no-nonsense guide to Java 8 which explains just enough detail so that you can absorb and understand the core concepts and get you up and running, quickly and effectively with coding in Java 8.

After completing this video course, we are sure, you will be in a position to handle any king of Java projects and feel confidence while writing codes.

I can not wait to see you in the course 🙂

Happy learning 🙂

Who this course is for:
Software Developer, Software programmer, Staff engineer
Any Java aspirant who wants to learn Java 8

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