– Complete Godot Course Game User Interfaces Masterclass​​ and Dynamic Inventory System by Alfred Reinold Baudisch – Complete Godot Course: Game User Interfaces Masterclass​​ and Dynamic Inventory System by Alfred Reinold Baudisch
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In this game development course with 98 byte sized videos, with a total of 10 hours of video content, you’ll learn how to use the Godot Engine and Editor to create an Inventory System and Inventory UI (User Interface) that is fully dynamic, with scriptable object items and a central database of items (using Godot’s Resources). The inventory system has support for multiple item categories, category groups, dynamic and infinite scrolling grids, equippable slots (example: main hand and off hand) and more.

The inventory system you are going to create is inspired by the Zelda Breath of the Wild inventory screen, and can be used in RPG, FPS, Adventure, Point-and-Click games and more, basically, any games where the player can acquire and keep track of items in different categories.

This is a MASTERCLASS about creating User Interfaces, Custom Systems, Custom Dynamic Data and Dynamic Interfaces with Godot. Not only data, it’s a masterclass about Godot’s Resource system.

This course gives you all the knowledge and the power to build responsive user interfaces with Godot, you will also learn how to make Dynamic Systems that use Dynamic Data using your own Data Model and Scriptable Objects.

You are also going to learn how to create your own extendable and expandable Godot’s Game Objects and Components with custom Nodes, Scenes and Scripts. You are going to learn how to create custom Godot’s Resources and how to mix and match Dynamic and Static data.
In a single paragraph:

You are going to learn EVERYTHING there is about creating complex User Interfaces with Godot, from scratch, as well as coding and adding behavior to those interfaces, creating truly dynamic UI screens and components.

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