iPexperts – CCIE Data Center Lab VoD

iPexperts – CCIE Data Center Lab VoD
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NX-OS Lectures / Demos[ less ]

NXOS Layer2 (by: Jason Lunde)
NXOS Layer 2 – FEX (by: Jason Lunde)
Lab & Nexus 7000 overview 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Device Contexts 00:49 (by: Rick Mur)
Hardware & Software Overview 00:22 (by: Rick Mur)
Layer 2 switching 00:31 (by: Rick Mur)
SPAN & ERSPAN 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
NXOS-Layer 3 (by: Jason Lunde)
Layer 3: OSPF, EIGRP and BFD 01:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Layer 3: HSRP & VRRP 00:12 (by: Rick Mur)
VPC (by: Jason Lunde)
Active-Active FEX (by:Jason Lunde)
Port-Channels 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Extension 00:33 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Port Channels Part 1 00:48 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Port Channels Part 2 01:01 (by: Rick Mur)
FabricPath (by: Jason Lunde)
FabricPath 00:58 (by: Rick Mur)
FabricPath Demo 00:51 (by: Rick Mur)
OTV (by: Jason Lunde)
OTV Theory 00:48 (by: Rick Mur)
OTV Demo 01:19 (by: Rick Mur)
Storage Networking Lectures / Demos[ less ]

Storage Basics (by: Jason Lunde)
Storage – Cont. (by: Jason Lunde)
Fiber Channel Theory 01:26 (by: Rick Mur)
MDS Oversubscription 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
Fibre Channel Demo 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
NPV & NPIV 00:25 (by: Rick Mur)
Fiber Channel Security (by: Jason Lunde)
FC Security 00:47 (by: Terry Vinson)
Port Security 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Binding 00:03 (by: Rick Mur)
FC-SP 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
IP Storage (by: Jason Lunde)
FCIP 00:46 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
iSLB 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
FCoE (by: Jason Lunde)
FCoE 00:45 (by: Rick Mur)
FCoe & EvPC 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
Storage VDC (by: Jason Lunde)
Storage VDC 00:22 (by: Rick Mur)
Data Center Virtualization / 1000v Lectures / Demos[ less ]

Nexus 1000V 00:57 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Demo 00:23 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Demo 2 00:33 (by: Rick Mur)
Lab strategy 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Lab strategy 00:10 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus QoS 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Unified Computing System (UCS) Lectures / Demos[ less ]

UCS-Uplinks (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS-Basics (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS – MGMT (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS Hardware 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Chassis Discovery 00:24 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN Uplinks 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Disjoint Layer 2 00:16 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Blade Networking 00:57 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS FC Uplinks 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN & SAN Uplink Demo 00:36 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Demo 00:02 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profiles Theory 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Pools 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN & SAN Policies 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS vNIC and vHBA Templates 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Policies 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Boot Policies 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profile Template 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Adapter Placement 00:12 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profile Template #2 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS System Architecture 00:52 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Interconnect Ethernet Overview 00:25 (by: Rick Mur)
Lab Exam Introduction 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
Disjoint Layer 2 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Fibre Channel Overview 00:29 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Extenders Overview 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Mezzanine Overview 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Demo System init and Networking 00:54 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Disjoint Layer 2 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo QoS 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo vNICs 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Fibre Channel 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo NPV mode 00:05 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Adapter Fex 00:05 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Disjoint Layer 2 #2 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Server Initialization 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
Templates Pools Policies 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Pools 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
Templates 2 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Server Policies 00:42 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Demo Network Policies 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Fibre Channel Policies 00:16 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Service Profiles 00:23 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Boot from SAN 00:40 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Re-cap Boot from SAN 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI boot 01:08 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI demo 01:08 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI demo Part 2 00:34 (by: Rick Mur)
Management Protocols 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Boot 00:21 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LDAP Authentication (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Role Based Access 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
RADIUS 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
LDAP / AD 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
Organizations 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
Software Upgrades 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS 2.1 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 FCoE Uplinks 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 VLAN Groups 00:06 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 Misc features 00:24 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 FC Zoning 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Lab Strategy 01:13 (by: Rick Mur)
Application Networking Services Lectures / Demos[ less ]

Introduction to ACE
ACE-base configuration Demo

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