Introduction to the C# 9 Type System | Pluralsight

Introduction to the C# 9 Type System | Pluralsight
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C# is a strongly-typed language. In this course, you’ll learn how to work with built-in data types, classes, interfaces, and inheritance.

What you’ll learn
Since C# is a strongly-typed language, everything you work with has to have a type defined. It’s vital to know how to create your own custom types like classes, interfaces, enums, and structs. In this course, Introduction to the C# Type System, you’ll learn about the type system in C#. First, you’ll explore the built-in data types, including int, string, and DateTime. Next, you’ll understand the difference between value types and reference types and you’ll see how to create your own types, be that classes, enums, interfaces, or structs. Finally, you’ll learn about the different aspects offered by C# to create classes including inheritance. When you have finished this course, you’ll understand the different value types and reference types in C# needed to create any .NET application using C#.

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