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Intro to Excel | Cybrary
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Course Goals
By the end of this course, students should be able to:

Enter data in Excel sheet
Manipulate data using formulas, functions and logical operations
Save files in different formats and create templates
Use different data types and create custom data types
Use names in excel
Hide cells and sheets and protect them
Sort, filter, group data and do various data manipulation and consolidation
Format cells and use styles
Insert different objects in Excel sheet
Use pivot tables and charts
Print their worksheets in desired format
Understanding how to use Microsoft Excel and complete basic functions such as entering formulas and creating pivot tables is essential to many job functions. Taking an online course for beginners helps students learn the program by doing.

Understanding how to use Microsoft Excel effectively can be a valuable resource in many different industries and job roles. Everyone from accountants, auditors, and financial analysts to sales managers and administrative assistants use Excel to record and analyze data.

Truly understanding how to use formulas in Excel and sort data can save professionals an infinite amount of time while executing their job duties.

Managers may want their entire team to understand how to better use Excel in their job duties or perhaps the student is heading to college and wants a stronger grasp on how to execute functions within the program. Taking an online introductory course in Excel can accelerate your career and help you feel comfortable using the program.

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