Interviewespresso – JavaScript Interview Espresso

Interviewespresso – JavaScript Interview Espresso
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Learning algorithms can be PAINFUL…
But you need them to pass technical interviews to get that sweet developer job.
I know because as a self-taught software developer, I had to do it from scratch.

The problem with practice problems
Most of us learned by just doing random problems for hours on end.
I felt like I was getting nowhere and almost gave up multiple times.
The answers “made sense”. But I could never come up with the solutions myself.
The courses out there aren’t much better
They throw dozens of questions at you and say “here’s how to solve them”.
Most courses are either unstructured, math-heavy, or not in your language of choice.
Also, watching someone whiteboard for 50 hours is a great way to fall asleep.

A better way
After many painful hours, I started to realize that most algorithms had things in common.
In fact you can distill a lot of algorithms down into re-usable parts — or patterns.
Because I was just randomly doing problems without a curriculum, it took me forever to see the bigger picture.
So this is the course I wish I had from the beginning
For those of us who don’t want to practice 200 random algorithms, hoping the day comes where it all makes sense, we try to answer the question:
What 20 algorithms will get you 80% of the way there?
In other words, enough to be dangerous in programming interviews.

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