Interesting Talks – Matt Kendall on Social Engineering and Practical Psychology [1 MP4]

Interesting Talks – Matt Kendall on Social Engineering and Practical Psychology [1 MP4]
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It is rare that the best person for the job is promoted, that the most suitable romantic partner is chosen and some people just seem to get away with everything. Why do you often take an instant like or dislike to someone without even speaking to them? The answer is social engineering and practical psychology.

When you know how to get along with people, life becomes your playground. Have you ever wanted to learn more about why people are the way they are and how to get more of what you want? When you start to learn about human behaviour you can start to have great influence both socially and professionally.

It isn’t the smartest and best people who get to the top, it is those who know how to get along with others! In this talk we are going to take a practical look at several areas of social engineering and practical psychology. Not only will it be interested, you are going to learn a lot that you can implement in everyday life.

• Why first impressions count
• How to extrapolate huge amounts of information from the smallest of actions
• How to generate real rapport
• Why stereotypes save you a lot of time
• How to be popular and reputation management
• The role of social media and your online persona
• Social status, what is it and how to get it
• Group dynamics and identity roles
• Conflict management
• How psychology applies in dating
• How to get people to like you

Getting along with people, building real relationships based on trust and having a great reputation will get you everywhere in life. This talk promises to not be politically correct, it will break many social norms and some people are likely to be offended. Fun times!

Matt Kendall

From an early age Matt understood social dynamics and had a huge interest in psychology. Since his early 20’s Matt has run businesses and studied persuasion and influence skills, which has made him a natural marketer.

Matt has set up and managed a range of businesses, from band and club promotion through to business networking. Matt is a trained Hypnotherapist and specialises in social anxiety. For 4 years he worked as the head dating coach at Europe’s biggest dating skills company for men, he also worked at a female dating company for a shorter period of time.

Theory is not Matt’s thing! He is a very practical person. In all the talks, workshops and trainings he delivers he ensures that those attending will leave with a practical skill set and not a “mindset”.

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