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Information Security Fundamentals (Best Starting Point) | Udemy | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
A solid baseline understanding of Information Security
How the principles of Information Security applies in a real world environment
How Information Security principles can be enforced through effective policies
Learn how to help Safeguard your organisation’s information
Learn Information Security Skills which can be passed on to team members
How to increase improve Information Security Practises in your organisation

This course is perfect for a refresher, introduction, or as a foundation for further learning. Protecting our information within our hybrid working environments is becoming tricky. Many of us have bad habits or aren’t up to speed with correct procedures or understanding why a certain policy may be in place.

During this course, we cover the fundamentals of Information Security (InfoSec)

What is Information Security (definition, CIA, Available Standards eg: 27001, NIST)

User Authorisation (Types of Authentication, Passwords, MFA, Sessions, and Cookies)

Asset Classification (What is Asset Classification, How can we manage our classifications)

Access Control (Principle of least privilege access, Protecting our files, Role-based access, Physical Security)

Network Security (Types of Network, Firewalls, Network Segmentation)

Types of Attacks (Man in the Middle, Phishing, Social Engineering, Brute Force, Malware, DoS)

Encryption (What is Encryption, Asymmetric vs Symmetric)

Risk (What is Risk, How we Manage Risk)

Incident Management (Overview and process walkthrough)

Common Policies and why you may use them (Including HR, BYOD, Removable Media, Supplier Management etc..)

Importance of Cyber Awareness – Common Risks (Phishing, Malware, Safe Browsing, etc…)

This course runs for 2H40M and no prior technical knowledge is required, any technical aspects referenced are explained as we go. All of the course content is broken down into bite-sized manageable chunks for ease of learning.

Who this course is for:
Business Managers & IT Managers looking for a solid baseline understanding of Information Security,
Those looking for a core understanding of Information Security
Those looking for further training and want a rounded understanding of the fundamentals
Those working in an office environment looking for good habits regarding security

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