InfiniteSkills – Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Video Training

InfiniteSkills - Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Video Training
[box style=”info”]Title: InfiniteSkills – Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers Video Training
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In this Photoshop CS5 Techniques for Photographers training video, expert author and trainer Andy Anderson shares advanced techniques in Photoshop, aimed specifically towards photographers. These techniques are tried and true, and used by professionals everywhere to touch up, enhance and spruce up digital and scanned photography. This tutorial is not for the beginner to Photoshop. You should have at least a basic working knowledge of Photoshop and the tools that are available.

Starting with a basic introduction to the fundamental photography concepts of ISO, Depth of Field and Shutter Speed, you will quickly discover that this video tutorial covers more than correcting red-eye, although it does that too, but it also is rife with techniques that photographers can use both in Photoshop, and before you even take the picture with your camera. You will not only learn how to make corrections to your digital photograph, such as contract, brightness, straightening a photo, and retouching, but you will also learn how to scan in printed images that you can then remove scratches from, and generally restore to look as good as the day they were taken. You will also learn about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, and how to create super-real images.

Packed with tips and techniques, even the most experienced digital manipulator and photographer is sure to learn new ways to achieve spectacular results. By the completion of this Adobe Photoshop CS5 Photography Techniques computer based training video, you will be an expert in photographic manipulation. This title comes complete with over 2GB of source files so you can work alongside the author as he takes you through each lesson.

Table of Contents

01. It Starts With The Camera
02. The Art Of The Scan
03. Organizing Your Images
04. What You See Is What You Get
05. Working With Digital Images
06. Understanding Camera Raw
07. Fixing Common Image Problems
08. Making Selections That Look Natural
09. Setting Up For Color Correction
10. Removing Unwanted Elements
11. Improving Upon Nature
12. Going Retro With Grayscale
13. Generating A Sharper Image
14. Dressing Up Your Images
15. The Art Of The Dodge And Burn
16. Keeping It Real
17. Color Correction Essentials
18. The Power Of Blending Modes
19. Restoring The Past
20. HDR Basics
21. Outputting For The Web
22. Outputting To Print

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