INE Linux Security Server Hardening-TUTOR

INE Linux Security Server Hardening-TUTOR
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Overall security is a common Linux skill, often overlooked during a production deployment. Specifically, the hardening of the operating system against common exploits consists of a set of best practices employed to protect any Linux Server from invasive hacks or attacks. Learn to • Mitigate the physical security risks, • Secure your environment against various physical attacks, • Encrypt file systems to protect important data. Next, you’ll put into place some simple best practices to harden the operating system: • Learn the methods to obtain the key information about the new vulnerabilities and exposures. • Discover RedHat methods of evaluation for each vulnerability level in the operating system and measure the severity levels of these vulnerabilities.

Benefit from expertise in SELinux to enforce data confidentiality and integrity, as well as protecting processes from untrusted inputs. • Gain expertise in the Linux Pluggable Authentication Module Concepts and Learn how to use it to protect the system. • Finally, track System events by system logging and auditing There is no course can guarantee your servers are 100% secure, only your successful completion of the course can help you. But I have made sure that after successfully fulfilling all the assignments of this course, you will have the skills to protect your servers and make them more secure against all types of threat. Course Duration: 05hrs 24min

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