INE – CCNA Routing & Switching Technologies

INE - CCNA Routing & Switching Technologies

Title: INE – CCNA Routing & Switching Technologies
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1 Introduction to Networking 0h 09m
2Types of Networking Devices 0h 07m
3Cabling Overview 0h 10m
4Network Topologies 0h 26m
5Introduction to the 7 layers :: Part 1 0h 32m
6Introduction to the 7 layers :: Part 2 1h 09m
7Ethernet Basics 0h 18m
8Standards Organizations 0h 04m
9Broadcast & Collision Domains 0h 06m
10CSMA/CD 0h 13m
11Distance, Cables & Duplex 0h 05m
12Ethernet Frame Structure 0h 06m
13Ethernet Cabling 0h 07m
14Intro to Binary and Hexadecimal 0h 24m
15Ethernet MAC Address Structure 0h 06m
16Data Transmission Types 0h 07m
17Introduction to IPv4 0h 36m
18IP Services :: DHCP 0h 17m
19IP Services :: ARP 0h 18m
20IP Services :: DNS 0h 09m
21UDP Overview 0h 03m
22TCP Overview 0h 22m
23IPv4 :: Review Questions 0h 17m
24Evolution of Switching 0h 13m
25Basics of Switching 0h 03m
26MAC Address-Table 0h 17m
27Introduction to Cisco IOS 0h 11m
28Device Startup Sequence 0h 03m
29Memory Types 0h 14m
30Accessing router via CLI 0h 05m
31Basic Switch Configuration & Verification :: Part 1 0h 45m
32Basic Switch Configuration & Verification :: Part 2 0h 45m
33Basic Switch Configuration & Verification :: Part 3 1h 10m
34Why do we need VLANs? 0h 06m
35VLAN Configuration 0h 07m
36Access Ports 0h 14m
37VLAN Trunking :: 802.1q and ISL 0h 07m
38VLAN Trunking :: Native VLANs 0h 07m
39VLAN Trunking :: Configuration and Verification 0h 12m
40Dynamic Trunking Protocol (DTP) 0h 13m
41VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) 0h 43m
42VLAN :: Review Questions 0h 38m
Sample – Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) :: Part 1 0h 23m
44Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) :: Part 2 1h 10m
45Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) :: Part 3 0h 15m
46Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (PVST) 0h 40m
47Etherchannel 0h 33m
48Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) 0h 15m
49BPDU Protection Mechanisms :: Portfast 0h 06m
50BPDU Protection Mechanisms :: BPDU Guard & Filter 0h 14m
51BPDU Protection Mechanisms :: Root Guard/Loop Guard 0h 10m
52Port Security :: What problem does it solve? 0h 03m
53Port Security :: Violation Modes, Configuration & Verification 0h 12m
54Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) :: What problem does it solve? 0h 05m
55Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) :: Configuration & Verification 0h 02m
56Inter-VLAN Routing 0h 19m
57IPv4 Addressing :: Classes of Addresses 0h 12m
58IPv4 Addressing :: Subnet Mask Usage 0h 09m
59IPv4 Addressing :: Private vs Public Addresses 0h 09m
60Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) :: Review 0h 28m
61IPv4 Same Length Subnetting 1h 13m
62IPv4 Variable Length Subnetting (VLSM) 0h 31m
63IPv4 Summarization 0h 16m
64IPv4 Supernets 0h 10m
65IP Routing Fundamentals :: What is “Routing”? 0h 31m
66Types of Routes & General Rules of Routing 0h 04m
67Routing Components :: Autonomous Systems 0h 08m
68Routing Components :: Administrative Distance 0h 03m
69Routing Components :: Metrics 0h 02m
70Characteristics of Routing Updates 0h 05m
71Static Routing 0h 21m
72Default Routing 0h 06m
73Introduction to Dynamic Routing 0h 02m
74IGP Categories :: Distance Vector, Link State, Hybrid 0h 11m
75Introduction to EIGRP 0h 07m
76EIGRP :: Packet Types 0h 16m
77Sample – EIGRP :: Neighbor Process 0h 44m
78EIGRP :: Internal vs External Routes 0h 17m
79EIGRP :: Terminology 0h 26m
80EIGRP :: Variance 0h 05m
81P Addressing/Subnetting Review Excercise 0h 39m
82EIGRP :: Authentication 0h 16m
83Implementing EIGRP 0h 47m
84Floating Static Route 0h 07m
85Introduction to OSPF 0h 26m
86OSPF :: Network Types 0h 09m
87OSPF :: Neighbor Process 0h 26m
88OSPF :: Router Roles 0h 11m
89OSPF :: Link State Advertisements (LSAs) 0h 57m
90OSPF :: Router id & Priority 0h 09m
91OSPF :: DR & BDR Election 0h 08m
92OSPF :: Authentication 0h 08m
93Implementing OSPF 0h 34m
94Introduction to WAN Terminology 0h 19m
95Types of WANs 0h 33m
96HDLC 0h 21m
97Sample – Point-to-Point Protocol 0h 26m
98PAP Authentication 0h 17m
99CHAP Authentication 0h 12m
100Frame-Relay Concepts 0h 51m
101Frame-Relay :: Implementation & Verification 0h 28m
102Introduction to HSRP 0h 16m
103Introduction to GLBP 0h 07m
104Implementing HSRP 0h 45m
105IOS Services :: DHCP Server 0h 17m
106Access Control List :: Introduction to ACL 0h 17m
107Access Control List :: Standard ACL 0h 22m
108Access Control List :: Extended ACL 0h 26m
109Access Control List :: Named ACL 0h 05m
110Review Questions 0h 52m
111Introduction to NAT 0h 15m
112Static NAT 0h 27m
113Dynamic NAT 0h 24m
114Port Address Translation (PAT) 0h 33m
115Introduction to IPv6 1h 04m
116Types of IPv6 Addresses 0h 50m
117Implementing IPv6 0h 12m
118Implementing RIPng 0h 20m
119Implementing EIGRPv6 0h 16m
120Implementing OSPFv3 0h 06m

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