In-Depth Vue 3 For Beginners (Inc. Composition API, Router) | Packt

In-Depth Vue 3 For Beginners (Inc. Composition API, Router) | Packt
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Vue is a JavaScript framework to build user interfaces and single-page applications. This course is focused on the latest version of Vue 3, its important features, and working on 4 projects to implement the skills learned.

Personal portfolio/blog project:

This project strips away the complexities/build tools and focuses purely on Vue.js.

Taking a simple HTML file, we add the Vue library to not only learn the core features but also to see how easily we can add it to an existing website.

Countdown app:

Once you have a solid grounding, it is time for project 2. This is an event countdown app that introduces you to a more sophisticated setup using the Vue CLI.

While building the project, you will learn so much more, including watchers, computed properties, forms, conditional rendering, and teleport, to name a few.

Dashboard app:

Project 3 is a dashboard application with multiple pages, making use of dynamic components.

We will discover different ways of passing data in Vue.js, including provide/inject and the different types of slots available.

Creative cards app:

The last project is a card editing application. You will begin with a library of greeting cards the user can select, and then once chosen, an edit screen will allow the user to edit the text, images, and overall styling as well.

This project will introduce the new Vue 3 Composition API, how to organize your code into reusable files, routing, lazy loading, cloud functions, image uploading, and using a database.

By the end of this course, you will have already built 4 projects and learned all of the essential Vue skills, along with the new Vue.js 3 features and syntax.

The code files and all related files are uploaded on the GitHub repository at

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