Image Recognition in Android One hour Bootcamp Java | Udemy

Image Recognition in Android One hour Bootcamp Java | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Training image recognition models and building Android applications
Collecting an organizing dataset for model training
Using recognition models with images and live footage from camera
Training Fruit Recognition model and Building Android Application
Training Dog breed Recognition model and Building Android Application

Welcome to “Image Recognition in Android One hour Bootcamp Java”

This course is designed to teach you to train your own image recognition models and build Android applications in just one hour of your life.

The course will teach you to

Gather and arrange the dataset for model training

Training Image recognition model on that dataset with just a few clicks

Using the trained model inside Android Applications using both Java

Course Content:

The case study we are going to take in this course is a Fruit recognition Application. So firstly

We will get the Fruits dataset from Kaggle

Then we will train the Fruit recognition model

Then we will use that model inside Android applications to build two Android applications to recognize fruits

Fruit Recognition using images from device gallery or camera

Fruit recognition using live footage from the camera

Practice Activity:

After that, there will be a practice exercise for you to train a dog breed recognition model and build Android Applications


So by the end of this hour, you will be able to train any type of Image recognition model and use it inside your Android application. And by building such applications for clients you can earn big.

You can impress your potential employer with your Android Machine Learning skills.

You will have 5 fully functional Android recognition applications to empower your resume

So let’s start.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who want to build real world recognition applications for Android

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