Igor Solo Ads – Ultimate Bridge Page System

Igor Solo Ads – Ultimate Bridge Page System
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How to get total strangers to like you, trust you and see you as a credible authority in your niche even if there’s already tons of authority figures crowding the market.
No more hype, high-pressure sales or begging people to buy from you.
Fast and easy way to instantly convert cold traffic into sign ups, increase your stick rate and double your upgrades.
Yes, Igor! I’m tired of being questioned and laughed at. Please show me how to get people to join my business without convincing, lying or having to present tons of proof.

Yes, Igor! I can’t make decent sales. My stick rates suck. My upsell conversions suck. This is driving me nuts, because I’ve got a great business that’s changing lives. It’s just no one seems to see it the way I do. Please help me get my message out to the world in a way that people will listen.

Yes, Igor! I hate selling. I’m uncomfortable using shady tactics. I’m not willing to compromise my ideals for quick cash. Please show me an ethical way to invite people to join my business by inspiring them, not by hard-selling.

Yes, Igor! Thank you for making your system foolproof. Thank you for supporting the fill-in-the-blanks workbook with detailed video tutorials and examples. Thank you for including a case study that puts it into easy to understand frame. And thank you for showing me how to put my bridge funnel technically without having to code anything or build a WordPress site.

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