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IELTS Full Course | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Understand all the essential information about the IELTS Test
Prepare for the IELTS Speaking test at home with some great preparation advice
Practise your IELTS reading and IELTS listening with sample tests
Learn the precise process for writing a high-scoring essay in IELTS Writing Task 2
Understand the best way of formatting essays according to their question type
Learn great skills for IELTS Reading and Listening

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Imagine you are in the IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Speaking test.

You do it all with confidence, and you don’t make the typical mistakes that most students make.

Well, you can get this in the next few seconds, when you sign up for this course.

I have prepared over 10,000 students for IELTS.

I can help you prepare the right way.

I can help you learn the kind of natural English you need to succeed in the test.

You will learn all the tricks, strategies and language you need to get an IELTS

This course will develop your IELTS Listening, Reading, Writing, Grammar and Speaking skills and build your confidence.

Everything you need in IELTS you will find in this course


Introduction To IELTS

Listening: Structure

Listening: Sections Explained

Listening: Introduction To Accents

Listening: Form Completion

Listening: Table Completion

Listening: Sentence Completion

Listening: Multiply Choice Questions

Listening: Short Answers

Listening: Map Labelling

Listening: Flow-Chart Completion

Listening: Matching

Reading: Structure

Reading: Matching Heading

Reading: True False and Not Given

Reading: Matching Features

Reading: Table Completion

Reading: Flow-Chart completion

Reading: Multiply Choice Questions

Reading: Summary Completion

Reading: Sentence Completion

Writing: Structure and Criteria

Writing: Planning Method

Writing: Introduction Paragraph

Writing: Body Paragraph

Writing: Conclusion

Writing: Essay Types

Writing: Part 1 (Academic – Report Writing)

Writing: Part 2 (General Training – Letter)

Speaking: Complete

Grammar For IELTS

I suggest that you start at the beginning of the course, and work on each lesson one by one. Take advantage of pauses in videos to practice the new language you are learning, so you can build resilience and confidence.

Who this course is for:
IELTS Students who need USA, UK, AU, or Canadian University admission should take this course.
Individuals who need IELTS English for job certification should take this course.
Individuals who need IELTS English for immigration purposes should take this course.
IELTS Students with Intermediate English should take this course.
Students seeking to improve their General English should take this course.
Students needing to learn IELTS Reading
Students needing to learn IELTS Listening
Students needing to learn IELTS Writing Task 1 and 2
Students needing to learn IELTS Speaking
Students with Beginner English or who are not serious should NOT take this course.

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