IDG Female Figure Fusion II Drawing And Painting Body Tutorial

IDG Female Figure Fusion II Drawing And Painting Body Tutorial
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The most requested tutorial after the release the the First Female Manga Fusion. Now, here come the sequel (part II). This tutorial will show you more about anatomy for artist and how to intuitively apply them to refine you art work. If you are trying to improve your female drawing, rendering, and coloring skill, this tutorial is for you!
In this feature tutorial, you will learn to construct and paint a hybrid (fusion) style of anime/manga & semi- realistic painting sexy female figure/characters. In this tutorial , I will show you how to draw and paint a sexy female character. The main focus will be around rendering the frontal upper body (Torso), how to create action poses or gestures, and draw and render female’s back. In this tutorial you will find yourself further into the right mindset of how to create right feminine posture to accentuate the female attraction vibe.

Topics covered:
-Anatomy for Artist explain
-Using Anatomy to refine your work
-Rough Sketching
-Female Body Construction
-Rough Action Sketching
-Working with Photoshop
-Creating Poses
-Constructing whole body and partial
-Basic Body Structure and simplify
-Blocking in Process
-Working with Value (lighting & rendering)
-Soft Edge vs Hard Edge
-Anatomy of Breasts
-Anatomy of back and behind

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