I use Blender: 3D Modeling | Udemy

I use Blender: 3D Modeling | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Setting up maya controls for Blender
Maya modeling tool equivalents inside Blender
Creating a stylized 3D tiki mask with organic & hard surface techniques
Using procedural geometry nodes to to generate a 3D vine model

Use Blender just like Autodesk Maya using an amazing hotkey system! Before you freak out, the system allows you to switch between Maya and Blender controls on the fly, making it easy enough get through other 3d modeling tutorials (if they call out native Blender controls). With the click of a button, you can have Blender or Maya controls. The beauty of the system is that it will allow you to get a feel for the Blender software extremely quickly if you are a Maya user. This means you can switch back and forth seamlessly if you currently use Maya professionally or simply aren’t ready to commit fully to Blender.

Now, if you have zero experience 3d modeling with Maya or Blender, this course still has you covered. I’ve designed this course to be step by step so you can start with limited experience and still make it to the finish line.

As a bonus, I’m also showing you how to create geometry nodes to generate the model of the vine with thorns and leaves. My hope is that this will peak your interest and inspire you to learn more about geometry nodes. They are truly amazing and I think they will be used a lot in the future of 3D modeling.

Blender has some awesome tools for modeling. I’m really excited to show you everything I have learned about Blender and get you onboard with the revolution!

Who this course is for:
Learn 3D modeling in Blender fast
Learn procedural geometry node based 3D modeling
Transfer your knowledge from Autodesk Maya to Blender
Interested in learning 3D modeling



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