Hurlbut Academy – How To Light High Key Commercials

Hurlbut Academy – How To Light High Key Commercials
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Your biggest commercial has just come in and you need to know how to light it so that the product and the story pop! Here’s the course for you. Four deeply detailed and well executed lessons that cut to the core of commercial lighting for a breakfast cereal.

Shane Hurlbut, ASC takes you ON SET with a course full of goodness where you can learn how to light high key commercials that will blow away your viewers and your client! Shane uses his 30 years of experience on set to shows you the best ways to light interiors for commercials as well as troubleshooting what doesn’t work and showing you how to block, light, scrim and remain calm under pressure.

Using his 30 years of experience, Shane has developed an interactive and fun style of learning with the very best tips and tricks to propel you ahead of the competition. They’re Grrrrrrrreat!


Shane Hurlbut ASC will take you ON SET and blow you away with techniques for lighting high key commercials. Want to know how to get that beautiful morning look for a breakfast cereal commercial? Look no further.


✦ Using M18s and M40s to produce the best results.
✦ Blocking to be more time effective.
✦ Selecting the right lens.

Grrreat Lighting and Color Temperatures Pt 2

✦ CTO vs CTS
✦ Color measurements and matching
✦ Using Rosco 1/2 grid and Matthbounces effectively.

How To Light For High Key Commercials: Lucky Scrims Pt 3

✦ Using HDRX
✦ Using Rosco Scrim to control light
✦ Creating layers on screen.

Final Checks Shooting Our Cereal Commercial Pt. 4

✦ Troubleshooting on set
✦ Using LUTs to add to the look you have created
✦ Shooting the product
✦ Techniques to prevent reflective surfaces from popping!

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