HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap

Author: Mark Lassoff
Duration: 6:28
Released: April 10, 2013
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HTML is the core language for every existing web site and a growing number of mobile applications. Everyone who works with electronic media of any type– web, mobile, digital television, internet broadcasts– needs to know HTML code. More and more HTML code has become the primary way information is marked up for display across multiple types of media and CSS (Cascasing Style Sheets) code unlocks powerful graphic design features to make your documents look outstanding.

HTML for Beginners (with HTML 5) starts with the very basics of HTML coding and teaches the individual structure of the three versions of HTML commonly in use today. Following chapters teach everything from proper text markup and CSS formatting to HTML5 audio and video to page layout strategies with CSS. This is a comprehensive course on HTML that will leave you prepared to work with just about any digital media.

HTML for Beginners (with HTML 5) is not just a group of video tutorials, but a comprehensive course that includes dozens of code examples that you can download and examine, and engaging lab exercises that will help you retain the information presented in the video lecture. Instead of passively viewing the lectures, master instructor Mark Lassoff will invite you to code along as he takes you from the basics of HTML markup to the complexities of CSS design.

Course Outline
Chapter I: Development Environments
1.1 HelloWorld Android
1.2 HelloWorld iOS
1.3 Testing Your Mobile Apps

Chapter II: HTML5 For Mobile
2.1 Document Structure
2.2 Multi-Page Documents
2.3 Working with Forms
2.4 Displaying Images

Chapter III: CSS3 For Mobile
3.1 Styling Text Elements
3.2 Basic Page Layout
3.3 Building Supporting Multiple Mobile Screen Sizes
3.4 Rounded Edges and Drop Shadows

Chapter IV: Service Oriented Architecture for Mobile
4.1 Receiving Text from the Server
4.2 Sending Queries and Parameterized Queries to the Server
4.3 Parsing XML Data from the Server
4.4 Parsing JSON Data from the Server

Chapter V: Storing Data
5.1 Storing Data “Permanently” with localStorage
5.2 Storing Session Data with sessionStorage
5.3 Storing on the Server

Chapter VI: Audio and Video
6.1 Playing Audio and Video
6.2 Controlling Audio and Video Output with Javascript
6.3 Recording Audio on the Device

Chapter VII: Geolocation
7.1 Where Am I?
7.2 Displaying a Map
7.3 Working with Compass
7.4 Working Working with the Accelerometer

Chapter VIII: Working with the Address Book
8.1 Storing Contacts
8.2 Retrieving Contacts

Chapter IX: Interfaces with jQuery Mobile
9.1 jQuery Mobile Basics
9.2 Pages
9.3 ToolBars
9.4 Buttons

Chapter X: Interfaces with jQuery Mobile Part II
10.1 Forms
10.2 ListViews
10.3 jQuery Events

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