HTML5 24-Hour Trainer DVD Tutorial

HTML5 24-Hour Trainer DVD Tutorial

Title: HTML5 24-Hour Trainer DVD Tutorial
Video Format: MP4
File Size: 769 MB
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Each of this book’s lessons contains one or more Try It sections that enable you to practice the concepts covered by that lesson. The Try It includes a high-level overview, requirements, and step-by-step instructions explaining how to build the example.
This DVD contains video screencasts showing a computer screen as we work through key pieces of the Try Its from each lesson. In the audio we explain what we’re doing step-by-step so you can see how the techniques described in the lesson translate into actions. (Note that Lesson 4 does not have an accompanying video lesson.)

* Lesson 1: What is HTML?
* Lesson 2: Creating your first web page
* Lesson 3: Viewing web pages
* Lesson 5: Testing CSS
* Lesson 6-1: Creating paragraphs for web pages
* Lesson 6-2: Adding heading tags to a page
* Lesson 6-3: Adding a character entity to a page
* Lesson 7-1: Specifying a font-family
* Lesson 7-2: Setting the font size and spacing in a paragraph
* Lesson 7-3: Defining text color
* Lesson 7-4: Centering text
* Lesson 8-1: Linking to a page from another site
* Lesson 8-2: Linking to another part of the current web page
* Lesson 8-3: Styling text links
* Lesson 9: Validating your pages
* Lesson 10-1: Adding an image to a page
* Lesson 10-2: Aligning images
* Lesson 10-3: Adding a background image to a page
* Lesson 11: Using image maps
* Lesson 12: Adding horizontal rules
* Lesson 13-1: Inserting an unordered list
* Lesson 13-2: Styling an unordered list
* Lesson 14-1: Inserting an ordered list
* Lesson 14-2: Combining ordered and unordered lists
* Lesson 15-1: Creating a navigation bar
* Lesson 15-2: Adding a definition list
* Lesson 16: Building a simple table
* Lesson 17: Styling tables
* Lesson 18: Making tables more accessible
* Lesson 19-1: Adding text and textarea fields
* Lesson 19-2: Inserting radio buttons, checkboxes, and select lists
* Lesson 19-3: Including form buttons
* Lesson 20-1: Adding a fieldset and legend
* Lesson 20-2: Styling a form with CSS
* Lesson 21: Adding javascript
* Lesson 22: Advanced javascript
* Lesson 23: Working with Plug-Ins
* Lesson 24: Inserting audio
* Lesson 25: Inserting video
* Lesson 26: Looking ahead in HTML5
* Lesson 27: Enhancing web page structure
* Lesson 28: Integrating advanced design elements

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