How to Hack a Web Application- Security Practices

How to Hack a Web Application- Security Practices
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How to Hack a Web Application- Security Practices

What Will I Learn?

How to hack web Application
How to build secure Application
Be good hacker, good tester, or good developer


If you are hacker or tester you donot need to have any background, i will teach you everything
If you are developer you need to know how to write Web App
You will need a computer running Microsoft Windows, or Linux, or a Mac running OS X.


This course for anyone who wants to hack web Apps or secure web Apps or test web apps from scratch, We will start by discus fundamentals of web development. Then we will start talking about how to gathering Information on the Target to attack. Then we will learn how to Bypass Restriction and validation of input then how to secure our web Apps from the bypassing process. Then we will talk about a number of attacks such as Query String Attack, Cookies Attack, Hidden Field attack, URL Jumping Attack, and how to use Session Hijacking to stole user identity. Then we will talk about XSS Attack and how could be used to stole cookies and show ADS or apply pishing, and SQL Injection that could be used to break the Web App database. Then we will talk about Directory Traversal and Denial Of Service. All the practises has real-world exercises

Who is the target audience?

Developer who wants to build secure Web App
Tester who wants to find holes in Web App
Hacker who wants to find holes to break web App

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