How to Day Trade Futures for a Passive Income | Udemy

How to Day Trade Futures for a Passive Income | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Strip down the complexities in trading and apply basic wave market principles.
Shorthen the learning curve and shave years off the learning experience and save thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
Empower you with the basic tools needed to succeed.
To have a trading methodolgy once you finish this course.

What made you preview or purchase this course? Are you looking for the holy grail of trading? Are you frustrated with your current strategy and looking for improvements? Are you on the hamster wheel and rat race of indicator purchases?

Whatever difficulties and pain have brought you to this point, you are not alone. You have recognized the most important step. Recognizing the point of pain.

I put this course together to help traders understand the nuances of the market.

It offers the truth as I see it, and only gives the basic tools necessary for potential success and nothing else, which would cause this course to be short in scope. The goal is to add value to the trader and have the student learn something new that will add to their overall success in this business.

I have over 10 years of trading experience. Over the years, I have been through both the massive gut-punching losses and the exhilarating wins.

You will learn trading, psychology techniques, and risk management concepts that I currently use with the hopes that it will enable you to view and engage any market from futures, stocks, and even cryptos, but the course will focus specifically on future MYM.

Ultimately, I believe there is a direct link between a successful trader and the ability to manage a SOUND MIND, SOUND METHOD, and SOUND MONEY, but it all starts with a sound mind. Without the proper mindset and discipline, you will not be a successful trader. My goal is to add value that will help you develop the skill, the mindset, and the motivation to begin or take your trading to the next level.

Let’s get started.

Who this course is for:
Intermediate traders who are frustrated, fed up with there trading and need a systematic approach to trading

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