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All right, folks. This is the COOLEST, biggest, hugest, most super awesome compilation on the entire Internet of radio and audio drama of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that most remarkable book ever to come of the publishing houses of Ursa Minor. May the Babel Fish protect you all!

I am a huge Douglas Adams fan, and I even liked the book by Eion Coffer quite a lot. These are not the books as such; they can be sound elsewhere online by various narrators. These are simply a bunch of awesome and super-awesome material I have gathered over the years.

First, we have the two seasons of the classic radio show from 1978, now called the Primary Phase and Secondary Phase.

Then, we have radio adaptations of the books over the next four phases, called Fits for some reason, written adapted by Dirk Maggs a few years after Douglas’s sad passing away of a heart attack at age 49 while working out in the gym in Los Angeles.

(Such a stupid way for a genius like him to die! Oh, Douglas! I do miss you!)

(Did you know he played guitar for Pink Floyd during their Momentary Lapse of Reason tour? Yes, it’s true!)

Anyway, way back in 2004, you have the Tertiary, Quandary, and Quintessential phases. Fortunately, Dirk Maggs kind of got rid of the appalling ending to Mostly Harmless in these audios! Hey, even your favorite writers sometimes write really crap material. I HATED the end to Mostly Harmless. It drove me away from Douglas Adams for years.

So, anyway, after Douglas croaked and made us all appallingly sad (I went out and got drunk that day in 2001, I was in college, I think 22). A few years later, Eion Coffer decided, with Douglas’s widows’s kind permission, to try his hand at a Hitchhiker’s Guide novel.

Lots of fans rebelled against this. I did for almost a year, until it had become an audio book. Then, I figured, what the hell, it is by Eion Coffer, who is Irish and I like him, and it’s narrated by Simon Jones, so I tried it and laughed my ass off. No, Coffer wasn’t exactly Douglas Adams. But, he was close enough that had Douglas Adams been the name on the cover, nobody could have told the difference. In fact, And Another Thing is better, far better, than Mostly Harmless and much of So LOng and Thanks for All the Fish. Let’s face it.Douglas wasn’t the best at writing a romantic story for Arthur Dent and all the flying about was just kind of lame and Fenchurch was exhausting!

So, in 2018, 40 years after the first series was released, Dirk Maggs, Douglas’s insanely talented friend, decided to do a radio adaptation of And Another Thing, which I gladly include here! Sadly, Susan Sheridan, who played Trillian, had died of lung cancer. So, they replaced Trillian with Tricia, with her slightly annoying American accent. But, that’s okay.it’s still a lot of fun Bowerick Wowbagger is just so damn HILARIOUS. It’s called the Hexagonal Phase, of course!

Now, I have included as the 7th series a series that was actually written BEFORE the Hexagonal Phase. This was done by Planet Skaro, a former Doctor Who audio drama producing company of some talent based in the UK. This is called the Apocryphal Phase. It is NON canonical, but it is a hell of a lot of weird ass shit, which is why we listen to Douglas Adams derived material. This was NOT licensed by his widow or Dirk Maggs. This was just some guys in their 30s having fun with Audacity and some sound effects. But, it is fun!


I have also included the two audio dramas of the Dirk Gently series, even though they have NOTHING whatsoever to do with Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Deal with it. Released back in 2007, this happens to be the first two books I bought on Audible, all those years ago. I listened to them on a long road trip. It was my first exposure to non-narrated audio drama, which took me time to enjoy.

NOW, look at me! I have the largest Big Finish and Doctor Who audio drama collection in the United States, and I will CHALLENGE anyone to a duel to the death if they say otherwise!

Better yet, I’ll just bash your brains out with a brick wrapped round a large yellow lemon! Ha!

Or, we could settle it like men (or men and women), and just go to the pub and drink and discuss Douglas Adams.

Anyway.I am getting off subject..

A brief interview with Douglas follows. I don’t know why I included that.it just makes me sad. I should have included another interview, but I couldn’t find one of decent quality!

And then comes the “Live on Stage” audio recording of a special where the former BBC stars got together and did some readings of cast away scripts, other weird material, and even more weird material. It is pretty fun, but I’ll be honest.it doesn’t measure up to the awesomeness of the rest of this amazing collection!

All right then. Finally, we come to another gem, which is a highly listenable modern remake of the Primary and Secondary phase by some dudes on YouTube. I managed to snag all 6 episodes they produced back in 2016.they only have 4 episodes on the channel now.

This remake is actually REALLY good. It follows the original radio series almost exactly, but updates for being written in 2015, with cell phones being the neat idea instead of digital watches, of course. And, since a lot of those towns like Gilford don’t even exist, it updated where Ford Prefect was from and where Arthur Dent lives and such.

I was skeptical of a remake, I must admit. But, this is pretty bloody brilliant.

PS: For reasons I cannot understand, I also included two comedies from PK Skaro productions that only had one episode, respectively. They have nothing to do with Hitchhiker’s Guide or Douglas Adams, but they were in the file when I made this torrent, and I don’t know how to classify them! An OCD nightmare, having a huge collection of audio dramas and no idea WHERE to put the bloody things.

And Another Thing.some of this material is already obvious on here. If you have it in higher quality, go use that instead. As for the material I happen to have that NONE of you will find in a million years, like the remake or the Live on Stage, well, that’s why I’m being nice and sharing this with you, the fine upstanding copyright ignoring gits of Audio Bay!

Sorry.was having a Mostly Harmless moment. All joking and insults aside, PLEASE seed, and PLEASE enjoy. None of you are worthy of receiving this material that has taken me years to collect like this.

Bob, I am not worthy to receive you, but say the word, and my soul shall be HEALED!

Did I mention I actually am a Christian sci-fi and Douglas Adams fan? Why? That’s easy.he’s bloody brilliant! Just because I’m a High Church wanker doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy Doctor Who and Douglas Adams.

Richard Dawkins would probably say different, but he is a bit of a wanker, and his trying to do a voice for characters on Salmon of Doubt’s audio version was simply TERRIBLE beyond TERRIBLE!

I just ignore Richard Dawkins when he is ranting about things he doesn’t understand.can you say PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM for the folks at home, Richard?

I will admit he is a talented scientist, but I’m afraid I am firmly with Stephen Gould in the “Gene” wars (and N.T. Wright in the Jesus Wars.why is everything “war”, dude?).

I think Richard doesn’t even try to explain concepts he can’t, like God, or Punctuated Equilibrium, or the fact that his entire theory of slowly of millions of years just DIES in the face of Gould’s theory, and while I’m not a idiot who thinks the Earth was made 5,000 years ago (more like about 3 billion years), and do believe in an Old Earth as firmly as Dawkins does. I just think that Gould, God rest him, was a lot smarter than Dawkins. Plus, he doesn’t deserve to be married to Lana Ward! WANKER! But, he is funny when he talks about Douglas Adams!

Hell, in grad school I got defriended on Facebook for being a Gould supporter. It was split like 80% Dawkins/20% Gould, before I dropped out of being a biologist and went into theology! Which, in it’s way, was full of just as many self-righteous hypocritical idiots as the biology department was.

Having a Master’s in Religious Studies makes me eligible to deliver pizza or maybe get a job as a receptionist at a church.

I wonder.will all my loyal torrent downloaders now pepper the comments with abuse of the highest level for my admitting I have a copy of Common Prayer?

It would be ironic if you all did. I mean, I’ve had fellow sci-fi fans unfriend me on Facebook when they find out I am employed by a branch of the Anglican church currently (not under Canterbury or and American bishop, of course!)!

Douglas taught us to LAUGH at our merry differences, and nothing is more funny than an Anglo-Catholic Douglas Adams fan! Right? So, laugh at me, abuse me, kick me while I’m down!

Anyway.may the Vogans rise to meet you. May your towel always be filled with Vitamin D. May you drink many pan-Galactic gargle blasters, and until we meet again.may the Creator hold you in the palm of his hand..And hopefully not drop you because you make him laugh so damn hard..

Goodbye.Douglas.this torrent is for YOU, man!

Douglas Adams
Rest in Peace, and say hi! to St. Augustine for me, if he’s around, up there in Heaven.

1. Primary Phase 01 01 Primary Phase.mp3.jpg 12.59 KBs
1. Primary Phase PP 01 Primary Phase.mp3 26.11 MBs
1. Primary Phase PP 02 Primary Phase.mp3 25.92 MBs
1. Primary Phase PP 03 Primary Phase.mp3 25.35 MBs
1. Primary Phase PP 04 Primary Phase.mp3 26.85 MBs
1. Primary Phase PP 05 Primary Phase.mp3 27.02 MBs
1. Primary Phase PP 06 Primary Phase.mp3 28.07 MBs
2. Secondary Phase 07 07 Secondary Phase.mp3.jpg 13.16 KBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 07 Secondary Phase.mp3 27.19 MBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 08 Secondary Phase.mp3 26.91 MBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 09 Secondary Phase.mp3 27.06 MBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 10 Secondary Phase.mp3 27 MBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 11 Secondary Phase.mp3 27.23 MBs
2. Secondary Phase SP 12 Secondary Phase.mp3 25.49 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase 13 13 Tertiary Phase.mp3.jpg 23.2 KBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 13 Tertiary Phase.mp3 27.37 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 14 Tertiary Phase.mp3 28.5 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 15 Tertiary Phase.mp3 32.67 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 16 Tertiary Phase.mp3 28.5 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 17 Tertiary Phase.mp3 27.77 MBs
3. Tertiary Phase TP 18 Tertiary Phase.mp3 31.75 MBs
4. Quandary Phase 19 19 Quandary Phase.mp3.jpg 21.08 KBs
4. Quandary Phase QNP 19 Quandary Phase.mp3 30.03 MBs
4. Quandary Phase QNP 20 Quandary Phase.mp3 31.77 MBs
4. Quandary Phase QNP 21 Quandary Phase.mp3 37.56 MBs
4. Quandary Phase QNP 22 Quandary Phase.mp3 32.4 MBs
5. Quintessential Phase 23 23 Qunitessential Phase.mp3.jpg 58.22 KBs
5. Quintessential Phase QNP 23 Qunitessential Phase.mp3 34.21 MBs
5. Quintessential Phase QNP 24 Qunitessential Phase.mp3 32.61 MBs
5. Quintessential Phase QNP 25 Quintessential Phase.mp3 30.71 MBs
5. Quintessential Phase QNP 26 Quintessential Phase.mp3 36.16 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 1. Fit the Twenty-seventh.m4a 35.65 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 2. Fit the Twenty-eighth.m4a 33.18 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 3. Fit the Twenty-ninth.m4a 33.2 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 4. Fit the Thirtieth.m4a 32.96 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 5. Fit the Thirty-first.m4a 32.69 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase 6. Fit the Thirty-second.m4a 32.09 MBs
6. Hexagonal Phase The Hexagonal Phase.jpg 59.17 KBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 01. Unsurance.mp3 32.56 MBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 02. A Convention of Arthurs.mp3 37.32 MBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 03. Exactly The Way That Bricks Dont.mp3 95.9 MBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 04. The Sharp Edge of Reality.mp3 50.75 MBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 05. The Blunt Edge of Reality.mp3 94.71 MBs
7. Apocrophal Phase 06. Partytime.mp3 100.64 MBs
Dirk Gently Audio Dramas 01. Dirk Gentlys Holistic Detective Agency (Dramatised).mp3 199.21 MBs
Dirk Gently Audio Dramas 02. Dirk Gently The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul (Dramatised).mp3 181.23 MBs
Interviews Ian Johnston interviews Douglas Adams.mp3 23.07 MBs
Interviews Ian Johnston interviews Douglas Adams.mp3.jpg 43.46 KBs
Live on Stage Live on Stage.mp3 103.3 MBs
Modern Remake Part 1.mp3 30.55 MBs
Modern Remake Part 2.mp3 28.34 MBs
Modern Remake Part 3.mp3 29.4 MBs
Modern Remake Part 4.mp3 29.55 MBs
Modern Remake Part 5.mp3 29.49 MBs
Modern Remake Part 6.mp3 33.69 MBs
Unknown Variables 01. Unknown Varibles.mp3 28.05 MBs
Unknown Variables 02. Bless This Mainframe.mp3 28.9 MBs

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