Hirshleifer, Glazer & Hirshleifer – Price Theory and Applications

Hirshleifer, Glazer & Hirshleifer – Price Theory and Applications
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Jack Hirshleifer, Amihai Glazer & David Hirshleifer – Price Theory and Applications: Decisions, Markets, and Information, 7th edition

Featuring extensive coverage of information, uncertainty, and game theory, this volume is a new edition of a classic textbook in intermediate microeconomics. It contains over a hundred examples illustrating the applicability of economic analysis not only to mainline economic topics but also issues in politics, history, biology, the family, and many other areas. The text generally describes recent research published in scholarly books and articles, providing students with a good idea of the scientific work done by professional economists in a variety of areas.

From the preface: “Theory is useless unless it leads to applications. But real-world problems remain a buzzing, blooming confusion absent a systematic theory to put them in intellectual order. Earlier editions of this book pioneered an approach, not totally new but given unusual emphasis by us, that weaves together economic theory and real-world applications. Most current intermediate microtheory texts have come to follow our lead and also now try to enrich the theoretical exposition with selected applications. Our enthusiasm for and experience in discovering, describing, and analyzing how microtheory works out in the real world nevertheless lend a special strength to Price Theory and Applications…”

Jack Hirshleifer is Distinguished Professor of Economics, Emeritus at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Amihai Glazer is Professor of Economics at the University of California, Irvine.
David Hirshleifer holds the Ralph M. Kurtz Chair of Finance at The Ohio State University.

Part One: Introduction
1 The Nature and Scope of Economics
2 Working Tools
Part Two: Preference, Consumption, and Demand
3 Utility and Preference
4 Consumption and Demand
5 Applications and Extensions of Demand Theory
Part Three: The Firm and the Industry
6 The Business Firm
7 Equilibrium in the Product Market–Competitive Industry
8 Monopolies, Cartels, and Networks
9 Product Quality and Product Variety
10 Competition Among the Few: Oligopolies and Strategic Behavior
11 Dealing with Uncertainty–The Economics of Risk and Information
Part Four: Factor Markets and Income Distribution
12 The Demand for Factor Services
13 Resource Supply and Factor-Market Equilibrium
Part Five: Exchange
14 Exchange, Transaction Costs, and Money
Part Six: Economics and Time
15 The Economics of Time
Part Seven: Political Economy
16 Welfare Economics: The Market and the State
17 Government, Politics, and Conflict
Answers to Selected Questions
Name Index
Subject Index

Format: PDF
Length: 632 pages
Published: 2005 by Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521523427

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